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What Signs to Look For When You Need to Replace Your Gutters

August 13, 2021

The gutters on your home are important for protecting your exterior walls and siding, so you’ll want to make sure that your gutters are always in working order. If your gutters need to be replaced because of damage or old age, you should schedule the work as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems. Here are four troubling signs that it’s time for new gutters.

Cracks or Holes

Cracks or holes anywhere along your gutter line should catch your attention. Water could be leaking through these breaches along your gutter line and onto the ground. This water that’s escaping from your gutters could be damaging your foundation and putting the entire structure of your home at risk. The cracks or holes that you notice can be repaired, but having your gutters replaced will likely be your best solution.

Gutters Separating from the House

If your gutters are damaged, they may start to separate from the edge of your roof. Your gutters may also look as though they’re sagging as they begin to detach themselves. Gutters that are separating aren’t able to hold water as well, and this could cause water to spill onto the ground and side of your house and cause damage. Simply reattaching the gutters to the side of your roof might not be enough to keep the problem from recurring, and a rain gutter installation service that replaces your old gutters might be your best solution.

Rust Formation

Gutters are normally made to resist rust, but rust can end up forming on your gutters as time passes. Rust may be especially noticeable if your gutters are more than 20 years old. The wrong type of gutters for your home might have been installed, and having them replaced can put an end to your rust problem.

Depleted Soil

In addition to the gutters themselves, you should check the soil on the ground below to see if there’s any unusual thinning. Water leaking from your gutters may have caused the soil to erode, and this can make your home’s foundation more susceptible to damage. The erosion that’s caused by water from your gutters can also be detrimental to your lawn.

Your gutters shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to taking care of your home. If your gutters are heavily damaged or problematic in any other way, gutter replacement professionals can offer you a new set of gutters that will stand up to the challenge.

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