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What To Do If A Drunk Driver Hits Your Parked Car

March 7, 2020

You may find yourself in the unfortunate event of having a drunk driver hit your parked car. If this happens to you, there are measures that you can take to resolve the situation for yourself. Here are some things that you can do if a drunk driver hits your parked car.

Call the Police

If the driver hasn’t fled the scene, you should call the police immediately so that the appropriate legal measures can be taken. The officer who arrives at the scene can record information regarding the incident so that you’ll have an easier time proving your insurance claim. The officer can also arrest the driver so that he or she doesn’t put anyone else’s property or life in danger from driving while intoxicated.

Treat It Like an Accident on the Road

Even though you weren’t driving, you should still follow the protocol of what to do as if the accident occurred while you were driving. If the driver is at least coherent enough to exchange information, you should get his or her name, driver’s license information and insurance information so that you can file a proper claim. Getting the driver’s license plate number along with the vehicle make and model will be important as well. Pictures of the damage to your vehicle should also be taken.

Consult with a Lawyer

The right lawyer can advise you on what to do to rectify your situation from a legal standpoint. An injury attorney can definitely be of service to you if you were sitting in your vehicle when the collision occurred and sustained injuries. If you’re having trouble with getting the insurance companies to cooperate, the lawyer who you hire can argue on your behalf and work out a strategy that will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Review Any Video Surveillance Footage

If the drunk driver hit your car while your vehicle was parked in a parking lot or parking garage, surveillance footage may have been recorded by security cameras. You should ask the owner of the business or lot where you parked if you could review and receive a copy of the footage of when the incident occurred so that you can better prove your claim. You may be able to get a court order to review the footage if the person who’s in charge of the lot or garage where you parked doesn’t want to show you the evidence.

Having your parked vehicle struck by a drunk driver will create some unique challenges for you. However, if you move through the process to resolve the situation in an orderly fashion, you’ll likely have a better outcome.

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