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What to Do If You Can’t Afford Bail

November 8, 2021

An inability to post bail is what keeps a lot of people from getting out of jail shortly after they’re arrested. In fact, it is estimated that about 70 percent of people are in jail because they cannot afford bail. Fortunately, if you are part of this 70 percent, you still have many options open to you.

Call a Bail Bond Agency

The first thing that you should do if you cannot afford your bail is to reach out to a bail bonding agent. Bail bond agents make getting out of jail much more affordable. They also have experience working in the arrest process, which they’ll be able to speed along. They can even help you navigate the paperwork you’re going to have to fill out.

Talk to Your Family Members And Friends

You may be embarrassed to ask your family members or friends for money. However, this may be one of the best and fastest options to help you get out of jail. The downside to asking your friends and family for money is that it can cause a rift in your relationship, so you should only reach out to the people you’re sure will help you. You can make a promise to pay them back after you get out of jail.

Talk to Your Attorney

Everyone has a right to an attorney after they have been arrested. Attorneys work to protect your rights and to make sure you’re treated fairly in the justice system. They can also tell you about resources that you may not be aware of that can help you, for example, a bail bond agency.


You may be able to raise the funds that you need to get out of jail depending on the reason you were arrested. You can set up a fundraising page and tell your story. Many people hesitate to donate to someone who is in jail. However, if you are honest and come across as a genuine person, then you may be able to get a lot of people to help you.

You can get your family members and friends to share this fundraiser with other people. The more the fundraiser is shared, the more money you will be able to make with your fundraiser. Additionally, if you are a part of a church, then you may be able to get them to help you.

You do not have to sit in jail if you cannot afford bail. You can talk to a bail bond agency. You can also talk to your family members and friends. An attorney can help you post bail. Furthermore, you can fundraise to make money for your bail.

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