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What to Look When Shopping For Home Insurance: A Guide For First-Time Homeowners

October 18, 2020

There are plenty of first-time experiences about which new homeowners are often unsure of when they’re getting ready to buy their first homes. One of these experiences is shopping for home insurance, a policy that’s going to impact the monthly cost of your home and the safety of your possessions. Below are just a few of the things to look for when shopping for home insurance for the first time.


One of the big things that most consumers forget about when shopping for insurance is the reputation of the insurance company. Your insurance company needs to be someone you trust. When you’re shopping around looking at insurance companies, like Bear River Home Insurance, avoid those that don’t seem trustworthy. While low prices are great, you want to work with a company who you know will actually help you if something goes wrong in your house.

Try to avoid those companies that have a reputation for leaving their clients in a lurch or unreasonably raising rates any time that a client is forced to make a claim. You can check out a company’s reviews online to see what people think of them. Alternatively, you can ask your friends in the area for their recommendations.


The next thing to think about is your premium. Whether you pay it once a year or every month, it’s going to be a cost that you have to bear in order to keep your house safe. Generally speaking, premiums are higher for more expensive homes, for higher levels of coverage, and for those who have lower deductibles. You’ll need to figure out what you really need in terms of coverage to figure out how much you should be paying.


Don’t forget about your deductibles. As a homeowner, you’re eventually going to have to deal with repairs that will involve your insurance. A high deductible means that you’re going to have to pay more out of pocket, which might in turn make you feel like your insurance isn’t doing much to help. It’s always important to keep a good balance between your premiums and your deductible.

Don’t let yourself get scared off of getting good insurance just because you’ll have to do a little homework. Look into premiums and deductibles, but don’t forget that reputation matters when you’re talking about insurance. The right insurance company for you is going to give you a reasonable rate and the peace of mind that comes with good coverage.

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