What You Didn’t Know: 6 Little-Known Factors You Will Face During Your Pregnancy

September 28, 2015

Pregnant women are familiar with the weight gain and cravings that occur during the nine months of pregnancy, but there are six little-known factors that will strike during your pregnancy. You must be prepared for each of these factors, and you must remember them when you are pregnant with subsequent children.

Restless Legs

Many women do not expect restless legs to keep them up at night, but pregnant women will have many sleepless nights because their legs are restless. Restless legs make you feel as though you have bugs crawling on your legs, and you simply cannot stop moving your legs during the night.

Unreal Temperature Swings

Pregnant women have temperature swings that are completely unpredictable. Women who are pregnant in the summer could feel even hotter than normal, or they may feel cold all the time. The reverse is true for women who are pregnant in the winter, and these temperature swings drastically change your wardrobe choices. You cannot buy your maternity wear without knowing how your body responds to pregnancy. Have warm and cold outfits for each season just in case.

Pubic Bone Pain

Women have trouble with swollen ankles during pregnancy, but pubic bone pain is far more troublesome. Your pubic bone could respond to your weight gain so badly that it might hurt to walk. You may not have heard of these problems from other pregnant women, but you must ensure you have consulted a doctor, like Dr. Gilbert Webb, about painkillers you can take to avoid pubic bone pain. You cannot get through nine months of pregnancy if it hurts to walk.


A woman who has never had migraines in her life could begin having migraines during her pregnancy. You are not doomed to have migraines when you are pregnant, but it is possible you could have one or two very bad migraines while you are carrying your child. Prepare yourself to stay away from bright lights, loud noises and take ibuprofen to help quell the pain. You should not drive or lift anything heavy while you are having a migraine, and you must consult your doctor when the first migraine comes along.

Iron Deficiencies

Many women have strange cravings during their pregnancies because their bodies lack iron. The baby is developing, and the development of the child uses a good bit of a woman’s iron content. Cravings for things like dirt indicate this intense need for more iron, a lady should ask her doctor if an iron supplement is appropriate for her body. There are many pregnant women who cannot take an iron supplement, and you may need to change your diet instead.

An inability To Focus

Women may talk about their pregnancy brain, but they are simply talking about forgetting small details during their day. This is a common occurrence for anyone who is stressed. A pregnant woman will have a very hard time concentrating on tasks for more than a few minutes at a time. Ladies who are accustomed to working for several hours in a row without a break will need frequent breaks, and someone who paints or plays music may not be able to keep up their daily regimen. Cutting back on activity will help your brain cope with the stress of pregnancy.

The six factors above could hit any woman during her pregnancy. Women are wise to prepare themselves for a change in body temperature, a lack of focus and iron deficiencies. You may help yourself by preparing in advance, and you must speak with your doctor when you are baffled by these symptoms of a hard pregnancy.

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