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What You Should Know About Breastfeeding and Adoption

August 18, 2015

Choosing adoption for the baby growing inside you is a major decision and it has been a wonderful choice for countless birth mothers. But it doesn’t come without questions and concerns. One question you’ll likely confront as you approach the birth day is whether or not to breastfeed the newborn before the adoptive parents take over. Here are some factors to consider on the topic.

Thinking about breastfeeding before finalizing your adoption? Consider all sides of this decision to make the best choice for you and the infant.

Considering Your Emotions

One of the most important factors to consider regarding breastfeeding your newborn before adoption is how you’ll handle the experience. On one hand, breastfeeding the infant could provide a memory to cherish. On the other hand, the experience could make your choice of adoption more difficult to finalize. Every birth mother is different and, by tuning into your emotions, you can consider how the experience may affect you. By understanding this, you can then make the best decision.

Thinking of the Infant

One thing to consider regarding breastfeeding before adoption is how breastfeeding can benefit the newborn. The nutritional value offered by breastmilk is unparalleled. The first time your baby nurses can result in an added boost against illness. As your milk comes in, it can offer the baby the added nutrition needed to avoid weight loss during the first few weeks of life.

If you’re concerned about the emotions that may come from breastfeeding, an alternative to consider is pumping your milk and feeding the newborn with a bottle. Your medical team can help you learn the ropes of pumping after the baby is born and can discuss the pros and cons of this option. If you decide against breastfeeding and pumping, remind yourself that formula is packed with nutrients and is what many healthy babies consume.

Stopping the Milk Flow

One factor that your medical team should discuss with you as the adoption is finalized and as you prepare to leave the hospital is how you can stop your milk flow. As your milk comes in, you will likely feel engorged and this feeling can bring a bit of pain and discomfort. Create a solid plan with your medical team for easing the discomfort and for how you can take the most effective actions to stop the milk flow.

Making the Decision

According to Breastfeeding and Adoption: Three Things to Consider, if possible, create a close and trusting relationship with the adoptive parents leading up to the birth day. This close relationship will help you to feel comfortable discussing the topic of breastfeeding with them. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to breastfeed is yours, but it may be helpful to talk it through with the adoptive parents.

The decision of whether or not to breastfeed your newborn before finalizing the adoption is one that you should make based on your circumstances and emotions. If it helps, discuss the options with your medical team and support system.

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