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Which Cardiovascular Machines Burn Calories Most Efficiently?

May 9, 2016

Certain machines deliver a more intense cardiovascular workout than others, yielding greater returns on our workout. In this case, the greater the intensity the faster rate that you would burn calories. The methodology in which you use cardiovascular exercise equipment also affects how efficiently you burn fat: which is what most of us use cardiovascular machines for. To truly get the most out a machine you should take a few minutes to fully understand the machines full capability.

Burning Calories on a Treadmill

Of all the equipment in your home gym or at your health club cardiovascular exercise machines usually deliver the promising workouts when it comes to burning calories. Running or even walking briskly on a treadmill burns more calories than any other machine-centered workout, save for perhaps a stairmaster. Before you begin, check the settings and select a safe but intense pace to burn calories at a higher rate. If you weigh between 125 and 185 pounds and jog at 5 mph for one hour, you burn between 480 and 710 or more calories, depending upon your fitness level, weight, and a few other factors genetic factors. Pick up your pace to 7.5 mph and you burn between 750 and 1,110 calories, which means you could conceivably lose up to 2.5 pounds per week running six days per week. Rather than running faster, you can also intensify the workout and burn extra calories by setting the treadmill at an incline, so you’re running while climbing! For every mild you climb in elevation you can add 1.5 miles to the perceived distance.

Use an Elliptical Trainer

In contrast an elliptical trainer can offer you an excellent aerobic workout, however, because you power the pace of an elliptical trainer, it’s fairly easy to slip into coasting when you get tired and therefore your workout is much less intensive. To maximize an elliptical’s calorie-burning benefits you should work out at high speeds and use a machine that has movable handles so you work your arms as well resulting in an effective full body workout! An added benefit of exercising on an elliptical trainer is that your feet never leave the pedals, making it a low-impact aerobic workout, which is ideal for those of us with bad joints. An hour on the elliptical can burn between 540 to 800+ calories. You can also adjust the resistance and incline on an elliptical trainer to burn extra calories.

Other Cardiovascular Exercise Machines

Other machines such as the crosstrainer, stairclimber, stationary bike, and stationary rower, if used effectively will also burn calories efficiently. For example, climbing a stairmaster burns between 560 and 732 calories in one hour. The workout is also low-impact, so it will not stress your joints, muscles and tendons as much as running high speed on a treadmill. Stair-climbing also provides a strengthening workout for your gluteal, thigh and calf muscles. However, avoid leaning on or holding onto the machine as it reduces the number of calories burned.

In the end like any exercise it’s important to constantly change your workout. Thus, sometimes do higher speed interval training. This will cut your workout short, but the intensity will result in you working different muscle groups differently. If you can make sure to change it up as much as possible. For instance do interval training for 20 minutes one day while just doing a low intensity workout for an hour the next. The more you change your workout the more likely you will see gains, both in the mirror and performance.

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