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Whiplash Symptoms- What To Check Out?

May 30, 2016

Unfortunately, if you have ever met with a car accident, then you definitely have that doubt whether or not you have sustained an injury. In this article, we will tell you about some symptoms that are noticed. Through this article, we would guide you and explain you as to what you would experience in case you have just sustained a whiplash injury.

So, if you have sustained whiplash injury, here are some whiplash symptoms that you would notice. The symptoms are different in different people, depending on the physical conditions and nature of injury. In many people, the symptoms are noticeable right away, while in some, it takes several hours for the symptoms to be noticed. Following are the whiplash symptoms that you should observe as a result of car accident.

  • The neck

The neck is the first thing to be impacted. This is because of the overstretching of the neck through the car accident. Owing to this, the ligaments, tendons and neck muscles are overstretched and this causes extreme agony as well as muscular spasm. The patient would feel a dull pain initially, but as time passes, the pain would increase. If the injury is very severe, then it is difficult to even move the neck. Yes, you would face difficulty in turning the neck left or right. If you don’t handle the neck well during the injury, you would face severe complications.

  • Shoulders

Whiplash injury tends to affect all parts of the body, but the main thing to be affected is the shoulders. Often, the soreness extends from the neck into the shoulder or the middle part of the back. This causes restriction in the free movement of body and causes physical distress, thus making a person very restless.

  • Dizziness

Owing to the nature of the injury as well as a person’s physical situation, the whiplash symptoms might vary. Some might have a feeling of ‘weakness’ or ‘dizziness’. Sometimes, the person becomes fully or partially unconscious and isn’t able to figure out what is going on around him. This is very common in 90 percent of people with whiplash injury.

  • Headaches

Various whiplash injury victims experience severe headaches owing to the accident. This is because of the strong jerks or collisions that happen during the crash, thereby shaking of the head. If these Whiplash symptoms are prevalent for a long time, then be careful as headaches might also result in blurred vision.

Generic symptoms post the car accident

Most symptoms disappear within few days. However, the shoulder or neck soreness might continue for weeks or for months, in case of severe injuries. Usually, people also opt for therapy or chiropractic remedies from a physiotherapy clinic.

However, if you face any of these symptoms, it is time to immediately seek medical attention. Only the doctor would confirm whether or not you are having whiplash symptoms. The doctor would also check whether you aren’t facing any serious conditions such as fractured or a slipped disc.

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