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Who All Is Responsible For Making Your Construction Zone Safer?

December 11, 2021

Construction zones can get dangerous thanks to the heavy machinery and power tools used. It becomes even more hazardous when the construction site is located in a high traffic area, such as a major road. When someone gets hurt, who takes on the responsibility? It turns out that there are a lot of people responsible for the safety of a construction zone.

Contracting Company

The contracting company possesses the highest amount of immediate power when it comes to construction site safety. They also take on the greatest financial liability, especially if an employee gets hurt.

The project manager will start by setting up the site to be safe from the very beginning by placing the proper signage and providing employees with proper training and work zone equipment. Signage and other equipment should make construction workers and the construction area clearly visible to anyone driving in the area.

The company must also establish safe operating procedures, such as safety checklists at the beginning and end of every shift.

Local Government

Local governments put ordinances in place that ensure all construction sites maintain a uniform level of minimum safety expectations that are both attainable for small businesses and progressive.

The local government must make construction codes accessible to contractors. They also provide permits and perform inspections. If permits end up in the hands of people who don’t meet the minimum requirements or an inspector lets a safety concern slide, they can end up responsible if someone gets hurt.


Some people driving or walking around construction sites seem completely oblivious to the people and dangerous equipment around them. In some cases of gross negligence, a civilian can get hurt thanks to their carelessness. Sometimes, especially if drivers don’t adhere to construction site speeds, an employee ends up getting hurt.

To promote awareness, most local governments double fines and other punishments for civilians who fail to slow down and acknowledge construction site warnings. The civilian may also get sued by the employee, but the employee will probably sue the company through their workman’s compensation insurance. Of course, the civilian will hold on to emotional responsibility for the rest of their life.

Construction Employees

Construction employees must follow safety precautions on the job site. It starts by coming to work alert and properly dressed in the proper work zone equipment. Work zone equipment usually includes bright clothing, boots, goggles, and gloves.

Employees also have a responsibility to follow company procedures regarding safety. Employees who rush through safety checklists can put themselves or other employees in danger.

Don’t skimp on signs, speed bumps, and other construction safety gear for your site. Investing in the proper equipment helps keep both employees and civilians safe in the long run.

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