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Who Do You Hold Liable When You’re In An Accident With A Commercial Vehicle?

July 22, 2021

Who is liable when you suffer injuries from an accident caused by a commercial vehicle driver? Most people think that commercial vehicle drivers are more skilled and thus less likely to cause accidents while driving. Though commercial vehicle drivers have undergone the proper training necessary to operate vehicles safely daily, these people are humans too and can cause accidents just like other drivers.

Accidents caused by commercial vehicles are usually complex cases since it is always difficult to identify the liable party. Unlike private cars, commercial vehicles are often not owned by those driving them. Several entities are responsible for commercial vehicle operation, maintenance, and safety. This makes accidents from commercial vehicles very hard to litigate. Below are several alternatives showing who can be liable when a commercial vehicle causes an accident:

The Driver

When an accident is caused by a commercial vehicle, the driver may be held responsible if it is discovered they were negligent. In most U.S. states, negligent drivers are held responsible for losses, including injuries they cause another person while operating commercial vehicles. Any commercial vehicle driver who violates the law and causes an accident is liable for any loss that they cause another person. 

The Company

The business that has empowered a driver who causes an accident while in the line of duty can be held liable too. One scenario where the business may be held liable for the accident is when it’s discovered the company insisted that the driver operate for long hours without taking a break. Similarly, if it’s found that the corporation isn’t maintaining company vehicles and a mechanical malfunction caused the accident, you can seek compensation from the company. You can often get more compensation from the company than the driver if you win, but because the company has more money to pay lawyers than you likely do, the case can be difficult.

However, it can be difficult to pin liability on the company of the driver who caused the accident. This is where the need to hire commercial auto accident lawyers comes in handy. When you are involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, lawyers can perform an investigation quickly and apply their skills to determine the party that is at fault.

When you suffer injuries from a commercial vehicle accident, to increase the chances of getting compensation, you should let experienced commercial auto accident lawyers, like those at Frenkel & Frenkel, help you handle the case involved. These lawyers will ensure the trial involved is settled within the shortest time possible. Because they have experience with these specific types of accidents, they will likely have more success than you would have on your own.

When you are a victim of a commercial vehicle accident, whether it is the company or driver to be held liable, always work with a lawyer. It will help increase the chances of getting proper compensation quickly.

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