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Why Employment Verification Service is a Crucial Aspect for your Business?

April 2, 2016

Every entrepreneur in this fast-pacing business landscape, looking for some lucrative opportunities to increase the business productivity. Undeniably, latest business trends and ultra-fast technology bring agility and improvise business growth. For this, companies hire talented staffs to persuade the critical business tasks which generate maximum profits. In this regard, human resource department of the company starts looking for the competent candidates that are well-experienced and fit into the job requirements. While hiring candidates, HR team of the company majorly focus on the key job responsibilities. From various records, it has been found that a very few companies conduct employee’ verification. Because of this, many small startup and mid-level companies have faced serious issues.

Verification is undoubtedly a time taking task, it require skilled workforce to find out any discrepancy in the data furnished by the candidates. As HR department is burdened with other tasks such as managing payroll, events, attendance and other curricular activities, it become quite difficult for them to focus on verification task. It basically deviate their attention from the main activities and obviously consume more time. So, the most convenient way is to hire specialized team of experts that conduct full verification and remove all the discrepancy if it occurs in the data.

Today, a great number of companies are providing third party verification services which help organisations in finding all discrepancies and faulty records. This will prevent companies to hire the fake candidates that will showdown the business image. Outsourcing data verification services is the most optimal way to improve work productivity of your HR personnel. Companies choose this service to free up the resources and reduce overhead cost of hiring experts. Without denying the fact that hiring expert team of data verification is essential for any business to prevent the upshot of hiring fake candidates.

Given below are some of key points that you need to know about third party verification service providers.

  • While outsourcing external vendor to examine the full records of job aspirants, you need to furnish complete details of the employee. It include educational details with exact date and year, permanent and temporary address details, contact numbers, previous employment experience, reference details and background details.
  • By providing accurate details to the third party vendor from the beginning, data verification agents will be able to carry out the screening process efficiently and find out the errors if exists. This method will not waste your time, energy and resources. All you need to do is to pay for the services and prevent your company from the bad impact of hiring fake candidates.

Here are the steps that a third party verification service provider perform to validate the information furnished by the employees.

Previous employment verification: Data verification agents get in touch with all the previous companies where candidate has worked. They perform a thorough verification in order to validate the information that a candidate has furnished in the application form at the time of interview. They check dates of employment, responsibilities held with the previous employment, reasons behind leaving the job, and salary package. All such information is necessary to conduct the verification.

Academics verification: In order to test or verify the employee’s academics details, data verification companies try to get in touch with the schools, colleges, and other professional institutes to confirm whether they have provided the right date of joining the course and issuance of certificate. Once these things are not verified with the institutes, candidate is not verified.

Criminal record verification: This is one of the most critical aspects that a verification company primarily focus upon. Candidate’s background check is very crucial to prevent company from the bad influence of hiring fake employees. Data verification agents ties up with some secret sources that help them in finding the criminal records if exists.

Reference verification: Companies performing employment verification check employee’s reference details. They contact manager and team lead numbers given in the application form to validate the information. In addition, agents discuss job responsibilities help with previous employment in details. This help companies in gaining a complete overlook about the candidate’s capabilities.

In the bottom line: Hiring third party verification experts is always a fruitful decision for your business. This service will not only help companies in selecting the right candidates, but also increase the performance level. Always choose a reliable third party verification source to conduct verification.

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