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Why Federal Phoenix Car Insurance Is Worth It?

December 14, 2015

When driving in the Philippines, the very first step after buying the car is to get it insured. This should not be the case only in the Philippines, instead, every car owner across the world must keep car insurance a priority. A comprehensive motor car insurance is required for every vehicle, be it a car or a motor fleet, to ensure the financial cover. And, this is what is offered to vehicle owners by Federal Phoenix car insurance. Though company specializes in warranty bonds and surety, it offers a number of insurance products that comprise of property, personal accidents, motor vehicle and travel.

Before anything, learn about the company

Zuellig Group of Companies founded Federal Phoenix (FPG) Assurance Company in 1958, the name of which was changed to Federal Pheonix Assurance in 1987. In addition, the company prides itself on delivering the quality services and nurturing partnerships to proffer the benefits to the customers. On top of that, Federal Phoenix has been ranked as one of the best insurance companies in the Philippines.

All About Insuring Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners who decide on Federal Phoenix can avail comprehensive car insurance for private as well as commercial vehicles. They can also avail the option of expanding it to roadside assistance, coverage for riders in case of a personal accident and natural calamities. The products offered in the array of motor insurance comprise of 24×7 roadside assistance, Auto Shield Plus (for vehicles) and Acci Shield (for riders in case of a personal accident). Federal Phoenix car insurance surpasses other companies for providing maximum financial protection at a competitive premium.

Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

Maximum financial loss incurs from any damage to your motor fleet. After all, being a business vehicle, it has an adverse impact on the entire business. Moreover, the life of the driver is equally precious. A Motor Fleet Cover from Federal Pheonix is a must-have to provide protection to both your business vehicles and your drivers. With easy administration and competitive rating, acquiring a federal phoenix motor fleet insurance is simple and quick. Plus, you enjoy the flexibility to customize the policy benefits as per your needs. Above all, the policy comes with different options and includes coverage for medical expenses as well.

Insurance For Private Vehicles

Though any loss or damage to your vehicle incurred from unforeseen circumstances bothers you a lot, the feeling of being insured brings a little comfort. Federal Phoenix car insuranceprovides cover to pay for the cost incurred from the repair or loss of a vehicle. The good thing is that it also provides coverage for acts of nature, third party liability, and theft. Acci Shield Plus has been designed to offer maximum protection to both passenger and driver for disablement or accidental death and medical expenses that arise as an outcome of an accident.

Prior to applying, car owners should definitely get quote for car insurance by filling in their details that include name, location, email id and contact number. Apart from this, car owners will be required to enter details about a car (year, make and model) and specify insurance plan.

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