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Why Go For Magento To Built E-Commerce Websites?

April 21, 2016

Even after facing a tough competition from 3DCart, Shopify and other platforms to develop e-commerce sites, Magento still tops the list. Magento dominates the e-commerce development field and it can be clearly known from the 26% market share it enjoys. From big businesses to small ones, they use Magento, which is rich in features to develop websites, that suit their needs.

You must be wondering what is different about Magento, right? You can find the reasons below:

Open source: As it is an open source platform, a large number of developers across the world use it to create commercial websites. Studies say that more than 80% online businesses are built on Magento and they have been able to see visible growth. The use of Magento platform has increased very much in last few years as it is not costly to use the CMS.

Flexible: The Magento platform is quite flexible and so many developers are able to easily add new methodologies from time to time. The flexible framework allows easy integration of different modules like products, shopping carts and many more.

Optimization with SEO: Now you can rank your website by optimizing it using SEO features. Magento platform comes with these built-in SEO features.

Responsive: The websites which are built on Magento platform are highly responsive and compatible with other devices no matter what their screen size is. This helps to access online stores even on mobile devices and thus get more customers.

Different front-end with single back-end: This feature allows developers to create different shopping stores which can be managed by a single back-end. So customers can get access to thousands of products and have better shopping experience.

Compatible with different browsers: With Magento platform, you can create websites which work on different browsers. This helps customers to use the website without sticking to a browser. Moreover, it helps the website to rank better on search engines.

Simplified payment methods: Magento platform helps to provide better shopping experience to customers by getting them simplified payment options. Customers can make payment with ease just by using the third party payment gateways like Quickbooks, E-bay, PayPal, etc.

Easy localization: With localization feature, Magento helps websites to be built in different languages and support different currencies for payment.

Authorization: Any website developed on Magento platform is safe and secure. It cannot be breached by any external source.

Return material policy: A large number of customers shop at the website under the RMA policy as they can easily return the material.

Smooth checkout option: By this option customers can easily complete the checkout procedure for all the products in a go apart from completing checkout for each and every product individually. This helps to decrease the cases of abandoned shopping carts.

Feedback and reviews: Feedback and review feature helps the website to communicate with the customers as well as with merchants.

Large and organized: Any e-commerce site which has been developed on Magento platform can easily store about 50,000 products on the site. Moreover, it can seamlessly process more that 80,000 orders within an hour. This means the website works well without any issue even by placing and processing thousands of products all at the same time.

Customized e-commerce website: Magento platform is the only place where you can get an e-commerce website built in the tailored form.

Magento which was introduced in the year 2008 has successfully occupied a wide space in the global market for developing e-commerce websites. There are more that 8,00,000 developers certified with Magento helping 240,000 websites to run properly. With the brilliant features, Magento is able to deliver websites that are scalable and secure, thus providing online customers with better shopping experience.

Author Bio: Jack Villiam is a Magento certified developer working in a renowned web development company. He loves to share about Magento and it’s various techniques used for business growth. In this post he shares few advantages of Hire Magento Developer that can be used to develop your business. 

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