Why Golf Can Be Complicated To Learn?

July 9, 2015

There are different reasons people take up gold and for those with untrained eyes, golf could be a bit too simplistic. Getting the little white balls into the hole may seem like an easy goal and something that everyone could do on their own. In reality, people who try to play in golf courses unassisted could spend much of the time looking for balls in the high grass and woods, than hitting them. Achieving par scores could be frustrating for untrained golfers. Learning to drive the ball is among the most complicated and difficult aspects of the game.

The act of hitting the ball itself can be quite tricky and complex. We need to wrap our hands around the club with proper grips and pressure. We should have the right body posture, with each arm and leg bent properly at every phase. Any half-decent instructor would tell us that the goal is to achieve proper body posture when hitting the ball, because it determines where the ball will hit the ground. We should also determine how hard we should hit the ball, too soft and we will rack up too many hits and too hard, the ball will be lost somewhere in the tall grass.

Instructor will advise us to relax our muscles and body before making a swing. It is quite likely to get poor results if we hit the ball with tense muscles too hard. With focused energy, we should be able to make the ball travel straighter and farther. This could be achieved through more relaxed body. Our head should be relatively stationary when making a swing and we should keep a more solid focus. The energy should be directed to the center of the ball to make sure that it will go exactly where we want it to be. Timing is crucial if we want the ball to make a straight trajectory.

We should maintain a balance we want to make a straight and long drive. In fact, many golfers are spending much of their learning time learning to balance their body and keep their head straight. Our body weight should be distributed evenly in all direction. It means that, our body weight should be balanced from back to front, if not from right to left. This is quite complex to achieve and it needs to be taught by good instructors. When we play gold, our head should angle downward so we can maintain visual focus on the ball.

However, focusing too much on the ball could result in a poor posture and our body could lean too much forward. A much better swing can be achieved by choosing a solid and good position. In some cases, golf postures can be somewhat unnatural for a few people, so qualified instructors are needed to make adjustment on body postures. New golfers should also us mirrors to help them detect any imbalance in swings. However, it is necessary to avoid self-coaching ourselves and we need to take advices from the instructor instead.

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