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Why Marketers Turning Towards Instagram and Pinterest

August 8, 2016

Statistics shows that marketers value social media marketing-especially visual marketing more highly than ever before. Visual content is an increasingly essential tool on traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 92% of marketers have been up taking using visual based platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. That is why marketers are thinking about shifting their content strategy towards original visuals and videos to engage audiences.

Rising Interest in Visual Marketing

Marketers with longer experience in the industry go for the visual networks, such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram than their less experienced colleagues. There is a huge rise in the use of Pinterest and Instagram from 34% to 40% approximately. Marketers are moving towards more visual platforms. YouTube is now the fourth popular platform with 70% of marketers active on it, whereas Pinerest is used by 66% and Instagram by 47%. For the young marketers the obvious choice is Facebook and Twitter, but over time there will be a more distinctive move toward more visually focused platforms.

Inclination towards Visual Platforms

It has been observed that the marketers who spend less than six hours and those who spend more than 40 hours on social media, they are able to focus their time. Marketers with more than 40 hours per week are more focused on Instagram, youTube and Pinterest than those investing fewer hours a week with social media.

B2C vs B2B

It has been found that B2C marketers are investing more time in visual networks, particularly Pinterest and Instagram, than B2B marketers, who invest in LinkedIn, Google+, and blogging.

Future is Visual Marketing

In the near future, the report highlights marketers’ interest in visual channels. Marketers have already planned on increasing their YouTube marketing, while half of them plan to increase their use of Pinterest.

Instagram use has been increased from 38% to 42 % in the past years. B2C marketers plan on increasing their use of short-form video services like Vine in marketing.

Videos and Original Visuals

Video is the core focus for the marketers now days, nearly 70% of marketers plan on increasing their use of original videos. 70 % planning has been done for original visuals like infographics and memes to increase the use of visual images.

Creating Visual Assets

Visual form of content is gaining popularity among the marketers. About 68% of the marketers most want to learn about creating original visual assets, followed by producing original videos.

This shows that with the increased interest in Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram as platforms over recent years, as well as the ongoing trend for moving towards visual post for the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram are both useful tools to promote shows, conferences or other events. From the past and upcoming events, include places of events; recognize suppliers and partners, post images from blogs or other publications about the event topic, profile speakers and post white papers. Audience is the most important bottom line to decide between Pinterest and Instagram. If business needs curating the images (Pinterest) or create the images (Instagram) then you can use these valuable creative platform assets.

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