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Why We Should Avoid Quick Fixes?

June 27, 2015

Many people today are in a hurry to change things whenever they can. In reality, we won’t know what will happen in the next few seconds, more in the next minute, hour and day. We could predict, but our predictions will start to get rather inaccurate as we are predicting farther into the future. People have been working hard to fully control the future, despite their insecurity and problems. It is quite natural to feel that we need to rush, due to pressures and other emergencies. However, we should try to solve any problem to ensure enough satisfactions.

We like to achieve things and be in total control, especially if everything works as scheduled. But the reality of life seems to me remind us one subtle message that we are not in a complete control of the situation and if we are in a rush, there’s no guarantee that we will be able to achieve our goals. We are all facing problems and challenges. We may need to make some decisions right now or issue an order in the near future. However, life is actually a wonderful teacher and we could be spending more time than needed on things that are not really essential in our lives.

There’s a good reason why we desire quick fixes to change things and solve our problems. The problem is, there could be some consequences of these quick fixes and they could make things longer to achieve than before. Some lessons actually take time and all growth will also take time to complete. We can’t fix all of our life issues and this situation can be worsened by those knee-jerk responses. Learning should be considered a process and until we accept that we can’t control everything in our lives, we will live with fear, anxiety, frustration and much stress.

We should know that quick decisions and actions can help us fix things. It should be easy to move to the next challenges in life, but we should ask ourselves on specific question, that is whether we could really finish and solve our problems. When things are not implanted well, problems can rear their ugly heads once again. In this case, we should have decisive solutions to deal with them. We may hope that everything could turn out well. Hope could help us to move to the right decisions and if we want to get favourable results and outcomes, we should do everything with patience, awareness, maturity and consideration of possibilities in the future.

People sometimes have the feeling of self-righteousness and arrogance that they may start to miss things. They may eat and drive fast, causing them to neglect all the usual slow approaches that often guarantee success in dealing with problems. As a result, they could start to get addicted to those instant fixes, especially because there are gadgets that can make their lives much easier. However, life itself isn’t instant and it will never be. We will always live in frustration when often rely in quick fixes, because those things could really never get things done.

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