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Why You Should Consider A Pressurised Filter For Your Pond

October 16, 2015

A water feature, such as a pond or waterfall, is a good addition to any garden. You can create a relaxing space to sit and think, or just enjoy some downtime after a stressful day at work. To make sure your garden’s pond stays clean, especially if it is stocked with fish, a pressurised pond filter will help maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria.

How Does a Pressurised Pond Filter Work?

The filter system itself sits outside of the pond and is connected to a pump which is in the pond. The water in the pond is pumped through the pressurised filter via a water inlet. It then passes by the system’s UV lamp that exposes the water to UV rays to help to eliminate green water.

The debris and dirt in the water is then cleaned as it passes through the mechanical and biological filtration stage, which features foam filters. This is also where the necessary good bacteria stays in order to help keep the water healthy. Finally, the filtered water flows back into the pond, often in the form of a waterfall feature.

The Benefits of a Pressurised Filter

A pressurised pond filter can be used for most ponds and provides many benefits. Water Garden specialise in German engineered OASE pond filters. A pressurised filter makes it easier to keep your pond beautiful and healthy with the following benefits.

Removes Fish Waste

If you have a fish or Koi pond, you will need to remove the waste they produce from the pond to keep them and your pond clean and healthy. A pressurised pond filter will help remove the waste from the pond and, as your fish grow, you can simply add another filter to take out the increased amount of waste.

Easy to Clean

The OASE pressurised pond filters have an easy-clean handle to make cleaning the filter sponges easier to do, and you don’t have to access the filter foams inside of the system. Keeping the filter clean allows it to continue trapping dirt and debris to keep your pond clean, so it stays attractive and keeps you from clearing debris out of it manually.

Inhibits Green Water

The UV lamp exposes the pond water to UV rays in order to help prevent the growth of algae. If you have trouble controlling algal blooms in your pond, this filter will help due to the presence of UV light. By keeping algae out of your pond, it will promote a healthier environment for your plants and/or the fish in the pond.

To select the appropriate pressurised filter for your pond, you need to calculate your pond’s water volume. This is easily done by taking the total length of the pond times its width and depth, or length x width x depth x 1000 = the volume of the pond in litres. You can then order the filtering system you need based on the volume of your pond in order to keep it looking great.

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