Will PC Games Survive The Competition?

July 9, 2015

We have heard it quite often that the PC gaming industry is dying and the so-called next console generation will drive PCs out of the gaming world. They have different arguments why this could happen, as an example, they argue that eventually consoles will have the kind of versatility that could match the more complex gaming experience that PC gamers get. Although PC games may not have any problem with Playstation and Xbox series, they could still be concerned that they will have no option but turn to consoles because fewer and fewer games will be released for PC.

In fact, we find it more than often that games are released only for Xbox and Playstation, but not for PC. These new console games are addictingly fun, so it is quite unfortunate that PC games can’t join the fun. According to game developers, PC market isn’t sustainable enough for them and there are not enough PC games that can make it viable to release games for PCs. Some say that it takes prohibitively expensive PCs to fully these games and it is better to focus on consoles instead. However, these arguments may not be believable enough, because some titles are available Nintendo Wii and DS, which have modest hardware configuration.

Some game series originally emerged from PC and it could be frustrating to fans when they find out that newer titles won’t be available for them. They could be concerned that the situation could go from bad to worse very quickly, So, it is plausible to think that even if the PC gaming industry will not immediately extinct, it will eventually decline to the point it becomes a rather obscure way to play games. Nevertheless, many people still won’t give up their gaming lifestyle and surrender to the highly standardized console environment. This would be an insult to people who have pride for their fully customizable gaming platforms.

If PC gaming industry wants to survive, it should be able to regain their prowess in the gaming world. They could no longer rely on sheer numbers to beat console games and they need to focus on the versatility of the PC system itself. It is important for them to get completely organized and know what are very marketable that could eventually attract console gamers. There are only dozens of millions of dedicated PC gamers, compared to hundreds of millions console gamers. The PC gaming community should start to strengthen their position by organizing all available PC games.

They need to have a fully maintained online forum and other communication platforms. They should also be able to elect leaders who can counterattack those who deny them. They need to be democratic and make polls to decide what kinds of games to support and which one to avoid. The PC gaming industry should also emphasize what PC gamers could get that typical console gamers couldn’t This kind of differentiation will eventually make PC gaming experience stands out more.

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