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Window Styles That Become Eye-Catching Design Elements For Businesses

January 27, 2021

Your store’s success depends on catching the attention of potential customers. To get passersby’s attention off their phones and away from other stores, your window displays should be exceptional and original. Even if your store isn’t in a busy area or on a well-traveled road, any person who passes by is a potential customer. The first impression you make on them is essential.

New Windows

Before you start designing window displays, you need to pay attention to the condition of your windows. If they’re cracked or fogged with age, they’re not going to be welcoming to customers. If a good cleaning isn’t enough to fix them up, you might need to consider getting a window replacement. Choose durable windows and high-quality glass. Your window installer can also potentially help you enlarge your windows or change the shape of them to make your shop more inviting for customers.

When your windows are in good condition, you can start designing window displays that draw attention and customers to your store.

Oversized Items

Size matters when it comes to window displays. Large decorative pieces help attract people at a distance, drawing them in until they can see the details. Just remember that your focus should still be on your products and that you don’t want the scene to become too cluttered. An unnecessarily cluttered display window could actually send customers on their way. Consider combining large display items with minimalism to keep your display from becoming too chaotic.

Interactive Windows

Interactive displays are fun for customers and store owners alike. Some stores are taking this to a whole new level by utilizing augmented reality for their store windows. You can set this up to show product information for busy passersby who might not have time to stop in at the moment, but you can also have some fun with it. Some stores have used their AR to play a game, encouraging customers to stick around or come inside. Others simply have a character that will interact with customers.

Of course, you don’t have to invest in AR if that’s outside of your budget. Simple signs or painted images that encourage passersby to stop and take a picture are great too. They can also create some buzz for your store on social media too if those pictures are posted.


Finally, remember that not every window design needs to be a groundbreaking piece of art. Sometimes, simplicity is your best bet. A quiet background that highlights some of your most popular products can be an excellent way to entice potential customers. Focus on what you want your customers to be most aware of and use that as the center of your display.

When customers see your store, you want them to have a good idea of what you sell and why they should want it. A good window display is a great way to catch their interest and exhibit your best products at the same time. A walk around the street can help inspire your next window style. A little creativity can go a long way.

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