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Worst Case: What Can Go Wrong at a Holiday Party

November 20, 2018

Holiday parties are a time to gather together, celebrate the season and be merry. These events include great food, music, and conversation with those who are near and dear to you. Parties are often planned for friends and neighbors, family members, employees and more. While you may anticipate having a great time at each event that you are hosting or attending this season, there is always a chance that something may not go quite as planned. These are a few of the most significant consequences associated with holiday parties.

Property Damage

Regardless of where the party is hosted, property damage can occur. This may be related to a house fire in the kitchen while preparing food, damaged furniture from rowdy guests, property damage at a commercial space that you are renting and other situations. Ensuring that your home insurance policy is up-to-date and comprehensive may help you to avoid some financial losses for parties hosted at home, but you should still be prepared for this potential financial loss.

An Arrest

Nobody wants to think about getting arrested this holiday season, but it is a consequence that many people will face. A common reason for an arrest after a holiday party is because of drunk driving. There may also be heated arguments at parties that could lead to assault charges. Regardless of the reason for the arrest, the individual may need to use bail bond services to get out of jail immediately. Legal issues may extend for months, and related fees can be expensive. A conviction of serious offenses can be devastating in some cases.

Physical Injury

Another possibility that you should be aware of relates to physical injury. You or your guests may be injured in a slip and fall accident walking into or out of the venue when snow or ice is present. Slipping, accidental food poisoning, severe cuts, and other injuries may also occur. While you should ensure that your own health insurance policy is up-to-date, you may also review your liability insurance coverage. After all, you may be responsible for medical expenses related to injuries that occur on your property in some cases.

These types of unfortunate events can occur at any time, but they may be more likely to occur during holiday get-togethers. As you plan for upcoming events, it is great to be hopeful and optimistic about how amazing the event will be, but you should also plan ahead for a worst-case scenario to be safe.

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