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You’ve might lost a battle, but there is still war to be won: Recovery after business crash

July 10, 2015

Sometimes we have to fall to learn how to get up, shake the dust away and pick ourselves up. Business failures can be devastating, not only for your budget and time invested, but also for your state of mind. But, keep one thing in mind: there is nothing in this world that lasts forever; sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you’re up. At some point of their way, all businessmen experience failure, and that’s normal. Being a good entrepreneur means, not never to fall down, but taking your hits and keep getting up. What are you waiting for? Get up! Here are some useful tips for that.

Know how much you owe

Before you even start to think about recovery steps, you should know just in how big of a trouble are you in. Making a list of all your debts may be in handy. Put everything on paper (or in Word document, whatever you prefer), and calculate how much do you have to cut down the expenses, and how does your business crash influence your personal finance.

Decide where you’ll make the cuts

Now that you know how much money you should save, you should find areas where you can afford yourself that saving. This may seem a bit hard, but sacrificing in order to improve your financial situation is necessary. You can cut down your personal expenses by opting for a cheaper car, while reselling your new more expensive. You can also save a lot of money by buying on sales and reducing eating outside, or some similar seemingly insignificant trifles.

Take your money

In business world it’s quite normal that everyone owes something to everyone. So if you have some money stacked in some other firm, this is no time to be mister nice guy. Make your debt collection plan and proceed based on it. Of course don’t pressure your business colleagues, but try to talk with them reasonably and make future cooperation plan, while doing that.

Take responsibility

You have to learn from your mistakes, so take good note of them, so you may never repeat them again. Learn from other people’s mistakes would be even better, so make sure you have a lot of contacts in business world, and try to participate in seminars, discussions and other entrepreneurship related events. That’s how you can meet other people who might have been in some situation similar to yours and you can exchange experiences.

Keep moving forward

If you’ve set your mind to have a business of your own, you should know that giving up is not an option. So obstacles set upon your road are not a reason to turn your back to the ultimate goal, and that is to make your own future and provide a safe and prosper future for your family. When one plan fails, it’s time to create a new one. Check the reality of it and then proceed to its execution. Remember that from the point A in your plan to its final goal, you’ll face a lot of obstacles, but all the difficulties will be worthwhile.

A lost battle is just a lesson on how to win the war. So don’t wait a second longer, on your feet soldier. Choose your weapons carefully and conquer the business world!

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Dan Radak

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