11 Zombie Phrases That Need To Step Out Of Your Resume

May 9, 2016

There was time when putting up phrases like “motivates self-starters” and “result oriented professionals” sounded very up-to-date and professionals. But this was like a million years back. Things were different then. Things are different now. Millennials have an all-new ways doing things. From finding a job to shopping, everything has a new way.

Resume today is a branding document that sells you. If you are planning to revamp you resume for a fresh job search, here is your start. Pull out your old resume and get rid of those zombie sounding phrases that have been a crucial part of your resume for long.

Professional resumes now have put down these phrases and employers are no more interested in self motivators and team players.

10 Zombie Phrases You Need to Get Rid Of

  • Result Oriented Professional
  • Exceeds Expectations/Meets Expectations
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Skills such as organizational skills, administrative skills, negotiation skills etc.
  • Team Player
  • Fast Learner
  • Hard Working
  • Can manage cross-functional team
  • Out-of-the-box Thinker
  • Innovative or Visionary
  • Inspirational Leader

Once you are done with putting out these phrases from your phrases it is time to make it unique that sells you differently from the thousand other applications.

What Recruiters Want to See in a Resume?

The best way to design your resume is to know what the recruiters are looking for. Glancing your resume in six seconds, the hiring manager looks out just relevant information that tells them:

“Why are you a good choice for the role?”

“What are your achievements in the past?”

“Your experience, your qualification and your current title”

Remember you only get six seconds to make an impression. Use them completely.

Your job is to present this information to the recruiters in a crisp yet attractive and attention seeking manner. No matter how well you are suited for the job, if you cannot communicate your information well in your resume you will be definitely passed over someone who presented well on paper.

How to Make a Recruiter Friendly Resume?

Knowing what you need to put on your resume, you now need to present in a readable and crisp form. To make your resume catchy keep it short, clear and concise keeping to a maximum of two to three pages of length. Use a font that is readable. Do not squeeze your information to meet the required length.

Use relevant job titles. For example, if you are applying for a Vice President, Marketing use the same title in your resume.

Highlight your achievements and not what you do. For example, if you are doing sales for a company mention the profit you made to the organization instead of stating “responsible for sales”. Better add numbers to the statements to further attract the recruiter. Increased sales from 30 million to 67 million is surely going to get you a call.

In short a resume that shouts “I am the perfect fit for the job” is the one that attracts the recruiters the most.

Other Blunders to Avoid

Other than the phrases talked above, you should also be careful about some other blunders that can cause harm to your job search process. Here are some of these blunders that can cost you a job.

  • Not including a summary that loses the recruiter in the beginning
  • Using a flowery language when writing a summary
  • Using personal pronouns
  • Listing information that is not relevant
  • Not including relevant keywords
  • Not checking on typos and spelling errors

The biggest blunder that one can make is to use a single resume for every job application. Remember that every job needs a personal touch.

It is advisable to refer to some resume samples before you go out applying using your resume.

The Last Tip

Whenever you are using your resume for a job application accompany it with a cover letter. It adds to your profile. Also you can use your cover letter to list down some of your achievements that could not make it to your resume.

Remember, a resume is the only part of the job search process you have control over. Therefore it deserves a lot of your time so that you can successfully make the right first impression.

Author Bio: Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on google.com/+AkanshaArora2112

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