Benefits Of Learning Salsa

May 9, 2016

We often see salsa dancers in the television and we are in awe how do they do those moves while enjoying themselves so much at the same time? Salsa is a dance form which involves fast and complex dance moves but is a treat to the eyes to watch people performing in it. Salsa is highly recommended for a fit body and a healthy mind. If you too, are planning to shake a leg, you can join any dance academy. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. you name the city and there are trained salsa trainers who would make you a pro salsa dancer! Check out the benefits of salsa:

Makes you socially active

When you meet new people in these dance schools, things become really fun as you get to practice and learn together! You become more expressive and communicate with more people, since dance is a freedom of expression, it will make you free in front of strangers and you will gradually lose inhibitions. I made few friends in my dance institute in Delhi who are going to be my life-long friends!

Improved fitness

I am sure you would find dancing a better way to shed those extra kilos than working out in the gym with those heavy equipments? Salsa helps you knock off unwanted fat without you having to worry about a strict work out regime. You won’t even realize you have slimmed down within a few days of regular practice! It improves your muscle coordination, tones them and burns your extra calories in the most fun way possible.

You are more expressive

You learn to express yourself better and communicate with you inner self better. Dancing has a positive influence on our psyche. It helps us discover ourselves and adds clarity to our thoughts and inner conflicts this happened to me when I joined a dance school to learn salsa. I was not in a very positive frame of mind when I joined the class, but a few classes later I found it easier to express myself verbally and I sensed increased stability.

Increased Confidence

After mentioning all the above points it is needless to say that confidence comes naturally to the people who are training themselves to dance salsa. Shedding inhibitions is the first step towards a confident life. Salsa, with its complicated moves and fun rhythms make you a more confident person and you don’t even realize how! It works like magic!

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