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May 12, 2016

Many users of home network nowadays are willing to explore an array of options and seek how they can make use of every resource efficiently. They have decided to administrate different aspects of a router and make it efficient in terms of the overall performance. They try to search for the IP address of their router at first. This is because they understand that they can use the router’s IP address to access the administrative settings of the router.

Identify the IP address of a router

If you have planned to beware of the IP address of your router, then you can open the command prompt window at first.  Type in “ipconfig” and press Enter button on your keyboard.  Now, you can get a list of IP addresses of various resources on your home network.

It is the right time to check the default gateway and identify the local IP address of your router directly.  Once you have ensured that your router has the IP address, you can administrate different characteristics of your router efficiently.

Router manufacturers nowadays set the default IP address for all routers they manufacture. For example, Senao and Phillips brands of routers have the default IP address This Internet Protocol address belongs to the IPv4 system.  You may have any brand of a router with any IP address except

If you like to replace an IP address of your router with the IP address, then you can do it without difficulty. This is because this IP address can be assigned to any resource on the home network once.  You cannot use this IP address whenever you get ready for connecting your router from outside the home network.

Access the router’s administrative console 

An easy way to connect to your router is to enter the IP address on the address bar of your Internet browser.  For example, type in http:// on the address bar of your browser. Once you have done it, you will get the router login page. Now, you have to type in the correct username and password.

You may forget the username and password of your router.  You have to focus on the user manual given by the router manufacturer and find out the correct login details. You can also search for the default username and password of a router with the Internet Protocol address

If you have entered the correct username and password, then you can login into the router’s administrative console directly. You can make necessary changes in the router’s configuration settings as per your requirements. For example, you can access and change the following settings on the router’s management panel.

  • Security Options
  • Network Management
  • IP QoS
  • Proxy
  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • WLAN Settings
  • WPS Block

A private IP address

Every private network uses a wide range of resources. All resources in the private network are assigned the most unique private IP address. If two or more resources in the private network have the same IP address, then address conflict related problems takes place. Many users of home broadband router nowadays understand how to access and use the private IP address in the IPv4 system efficiently.

  • 24-bit block RFC1918 has the IP address range from to and the total number of addresses 16,777,216.
  • 20-bit block RFC1918 has the IP address range from to and the total number of addresses 1,048,576.
  • 16-bit block RFC1918 has the IP address range from to and the total number of addresses 65,536

Enhance the router with the IP address

Many people prefer and take advantage of wireless resources rather than wired computer network these days. They search for how to setup the router with the IP address in the wireless mode.  There are two main approaches to set up the wireless router. The first and the foremost approach is a smart wizard setup. The second, but not least method is manual setup.  Take note of the following steps and set up a wireless router manually.

  • Connect the router to the cable modem or ADSL
  • Connect a computer to the router
  • Configure the router to make use of Internet service
  • Open the Internet Browser and type in http:// in the address field
  • Enter the correct username and password to login into the router’s administrative console
  • Make necessary changes in the router’s administrative console
  • Click done to finish.

This simple approach to setup the wireless router with the IP address saves your time and enhances your way to use this resource on the home network.  You can seek advice from your router’s manufacturer whenever you have any doubt associated with settings of your router.

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