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3 Things that Can Make a Job Offer Worth Relocating For

September 11, 2018

It’s a fact that taking some jobs means moving somewhere new. There are some obvious reasons for considering those jobs, like better money and benefits. The reality is that you can often find those things where you live if you put in the effort. There are, however, some less obvious things that can make relocating for a job worth it.

Better Schools

The quality of the local schools is something that causes a lot of parents to worry. If your kids wind up in mediocre schools because of where you live, it can affect their chances of landing in a good college.

A job offer that requires relocation can provide you with a great opportunity to get your kids into a better school. That is especially true if the real estate nearby is affordable. While you should do some research on your own, real estate agents can help you pin down the right property in the right neighborhood.

Lower Cost of Living Expenses

Cost of living expenses change wildly depending on where you live. The median cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan runs about $4000, while the median cost in San Antonio is around $900. Food, transportation, utilities, and health care costs also fluctuate based on location.

If the overall cost of living in a new location is substantially lower in a new location, it can prove a powerful motivation for relocating. You can pour those savings into retirement, debt reduction, or college funds for your kids. It can also offer some breathing room for quality of life improvements.

It’s Somewhere You Want to Live

Moving somewhere isn’t just about rational reasons. There are some people who would never move to Los Angeles, no matter how good the job offer. Just as there are people who would move to San Francisco even without a job offer.

Wanting to live somewhere is a powerful reason to accept a job offer that requires relocation. Wanting to be there means you’re more likely to explore, make connections, and be happy with your decision. All of those things contribute to a much higher quality of life in any location.

Relocating for a job is a big decision that should take into account more than just salary and benefits. Better schools and lower cost of living expenses can make a new location a rationally better choice for you and your family. Wanting to live somewhere is an even stronger motivation for relocating and boosts your odds of being happy.

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