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3 Ways To Earn a Degree While Working Full Time

July 15, 2019

Whether you are interested in obtaining a new degree so you can embark on a different career path or you simply want to further your education so you qualify for higher-ranking jobs within your current field, it can be difficult to juggle classes with a full-time job. Your current job takes up much of your time, leaving you with little time to study and attend class regularly, but universities across the country are recognizing this challenge and making education more accessible than ever before. Here are three ways you can earn a degree without sacrificing your job.

Online Classes

Many universities offer online classes as an alternative to classes held on campus, while others are schools that are exclusively online. Certain degrees, such as a Grand Canyon University nursing certificate, can be earned exclusively online. Once you are accepted into the Grand Canyon University School of Nursing, you are free to enroll in classes and complete them at your own pace.

You also have the option to strictly enroll in online courses at the local university of your choice. This option allows you to complete coursework at a more relaxed pace, yet still obtain your degree in a specified amount of time.

Either one of these options works well for people who work full time. Most degrees are accessible with online classes and you have the freedom to complete your coursework in your free time, allowing you to easily work around your job schedule.

Night Classes

If you prefer to take classes on campus and work a traditional nine to five job, night classes could be a good option for you. Many universities offer multiple classes at night so people can earn full degrees easily by attending class after working a full day. Each semester, you enroll in one or two classes to attend after your job and complete the coursework on the nights you do not have class. Because more and more universities are recognizing the need for flexible class schedules, there are many degree options available that can easily be earned through night classes.

This option is especially appealing to people who wish to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree. They do not have to sacrifice their job to attend class, and they can still earn the degree they want. However, it may take a longer period of time to earn a degree by taking night classes because you can only take on a limited course load each semester.

Flexible Scheduling

If you work a job with flexible hours, where you only work mornings or evenings, you can easily schedule your classes around your job. If you work evenings, enroll in early-morning classes and work your job at night. Likewise, if you work early mornings, you can attend afternoon and evening classes to obtain your degree.

This option is ideal for people who wish to obtain a new degree and graduate in a timely manner. Being available to attend class every morning or every evening opens you up to enroll in more classes so you can complete the program as quickly as possible.

Furthering your education while working full time can seem like a daunting task, but it is entirely possible if you are willing to accept the challenge. Although you will be busy, you can feel confident that you are enriching your future and career by completing a new degree. The three options above make furthering your education an attainable goal. If you are interested in pursuing a new degree, analyze your current job schedule and determine whether online classes or flexible classes work better for you.

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