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4 Basic Materials Your IT Team Needs For Managing The Electrical Closet

October 23, 2020

For a modern business, a robust network infrastructure is key to ongoing success. The team behind this infrastructure, your IT team, can largely work without much input from other members of your organization. To ensure this team’s success, though, it is important that you provide them with basic materials so that they can do their job without interruption. Since they might not tell you what those materials are, some of the most common materials are listed below.

Zip Ties

Keeping the electrical closet organized is an important part of efficient operation. If your IT team can’t quickly and easily identify where a problem is occurring, for example, they won’t be able to fix it in a timely manner. By providing the team with plenty of zip ties, though, they will be able to organize electrical and networking cables so that each individual connection is easy to identify and locate.


To help connect different pieces of equipment, connectors are vital for every IT team. To help make it easier to deploy these connectors, patch leads are something that your team should always have on hand. By varying the types of patch leads you provide, you will ensure that your team can integrate new and legacy equipment without delays or connectivity issues.


Even a single server can generate a surprising amount of heat. In order to prevent overheating, a server or electrical closet needs to have a dedicated air conditioning unit. However, if that unit fails, your IT team needs to have access to multiple fans to help keep the closet’s temperature under control. Without fans, overheating is likely to occur, meaning that you could face extended downtime while the cooling issue is addressed.

Basic Tools

Although an IT team may not need a carpenter’s workshop, it’s still vital that they have basic tools to allow them to perform repairs and installations without delay. Items such as drills, screwdrivers, levels, and other basic tools are surprisingly useful to help your team get their work done more quickly. One key to providing these tools is to ensure that the tools aren’t borrowed by other departments, which could cause them to turn up missing.

Over time, your IT team’s needs may change. If that occurs, you want to be aware of these changing needs so that you can provide the right tools for your team to succeed. The best way to remain aware of these changing needs is to maintain open communication with your team so that they know they can come to you whenever needs arise. Otherwise, both sides will be left guessing, which can only lead to waste.

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