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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage Of Google My Business

October 27, 2020

Google has many tools that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners, and one of these is Google My Business. When it comes to growing your business, Google My Business is an essential component that can assist you and your customers. This listing service has been around for years, and consumers have readily adapted to having it available to make all their decisions regarding products and services. Here are some ways that you should implement Google My Business to enhance your revenue and customer base.

Inform Customers of Your Physical Location

The world has changed in the way that people connect with businesses. In the past, you were given oral or handwritten instructions to get to a business. Many times this lead to asking others for directions and missing turns. Now, people take the time to scope out the location of your business before they ever leave their homes. In fact, many people who can’t get a close street-view of your business will switch to going to one of your competitors who they can get a street-view of. For this reason, it’s vital that you take the time to list your exact location and post pictures of your business to inform new customers.

Post Your Hours and Contact Info

Post your hours and any contact information so that customers can find you easily. One extremely helpful component of Google My Business is the information that they allow you to post about your business. This includes your hours, busy times, directions, photos, call button, and a short description of your services. This information is formatted into an easy to read structure where consumers can get the information they need about your business quickly. This allows potential customers to be confident about whether your business will provide the service they need.

Show Up for Relevant Searches

Using Google My Business allows you to show up in relevant searches. If you’ve done a Google search for a local service, it’s likely that you’re familiar with seeing the high-visibility panel at the top of the search results. Google will show three local businesses that provide that service. When you implement Google My Business optimization, you can ensure that your business shows up in that top three panel.

Gain Customer Insights

You can also gain customer insights that will let you better target your consumers. Google My Business has a convenient analytics section for businesses. This section provides you with all sorts of information about the users searching for your information. From learning what their demographics are to the number of people searching for your services in the last 90 days, you can gain a lot of insight into your target market.

Respond to Reviews

Any business owner these days knows that reviews posted online can make or break the reputation of your business. It’s easier than ever before for customers to post about their experiences with your company. When you have a Google My Business account, you can respond to reviews and questions that people post about your business. This can help with reputation management.

Entrepreneurs all around the globe should be using Google My Business. This completely free application can be used in many ways, including the five above, to enhance your business. If you haven’t been using it, it’s now time to consider doing so.

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