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4 Crucial Foods to Help Your Teen Get Through Those Rough Braces Years

November 12, 2019

If your teen is currently wearing braces, it’s likely that they’re having some difficulty with eating certain types of foods. To make their life easier, it’s best to prepare meals with foods that are easiest for them to eat and don’t leave behind unwanted chunks in their braces that are difficult to remove. Here are four crucial foods that you should be including into your weekly meals to assist your teen who has braces enjoy an easy meal.

Dairy-Based Products

Dairy products tend to be soft and smooth on the mouth. Consider adding in more dairy to your child’s diet when they’re dealing with braces on their teeth. Some great dairy products include cheeses, yogurts, puddings, eggs, and milk. These products don’t require a whole lot of chewing, which is a major benefit for those with braces on their teeth.


Pasta is a great food choice that can allow for simple chewing. Your orthodontist in New York will likely recommend soft rice and all forms of pasta as a go-to meal for those who have braces installed. Picking larger pasta types, like penne and rigatoni, will help to eliminate the amount of debris that gets stuck in the braces. Smaller pasta types like linguine and spaghetti are more likely to create debris build up in the braces.

Steamed Veggies

When it comes to vegetables, you need to be careful about how you cook them. Any raw vegetables, such as baby carrots, that require biting into are not great options. Instead, you’ll want to steam those veggies so they’re softer. This makes them much easier to chew up for your teen with braces. Plus, this will make the debris that gets stuck behind in the braces easier to clean out when your teen is done eating their meal.

Tender Meats

Your teen isn’t going to be able to handle chewing tough meats. Instead, opt for tender cuts of meat that can easily be chewed. Things like meatballs and lunch meats should be your go-to to ensure that your child gets some meat in their diet without too much of a hassle.

As a parent, you should be preparing yourself for helping your teen manage life with braces. The above four foods are crucial ones that should be included in your weekly meals. These types of foods are easier for your teen to chew, cause less damage to the braces themselves, and provide for much easier cleaner after each meal.

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