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How Technology is Improving the Lives of Farm-Raised Animals

November 13, 2019

Farming techniques have been evolving over the last century. This has worked to improve the lives of these farm-raised animals. Instead of treating animals as objects and locking them in factory farms, modern innovation is showing us that there are more ways than ever to humanely and scientifically improve the lives of animals on farms. Here just a few of the types of technologies that are working to benefit farmers and their livestock.

App Tracking

There are apps available that are designed to help farmers keep track of the health of their livestock. This allows farmers to get a more accurate measurement of each individual animal on their farm and whether they require veterinary intervention. There are even apps that allow you to input the symptoms of your livestock so that you can get a more accurate assessment of the types of medications that they require in order to maintain optimal health. This helps farmers put the health and quality of life of animals first instead of raising them solely for profit.

Use of Drones

Drones are proving to be invaluable in the ways that they can assist people. For farming applications, it gives you a better opportunity to check and see how your livestock is doing even when they’re farther afield. This allows farmers to let pigs and cows especially forage and graze over large areas, while still letting them be notified of problems so that they can keep their stock healthy. It also gives you a chance to check on the conditions of your fields before you release your stock into them. This works to protect your animals from entering into a dangerous situation.

Automated Farming Equipment

The use of automated farming equipment is helping to make farms easier to manage. This includes things like automated milking systems and the use of tractor equipment. Milking systems are designed to work with the natural schedules of the animals so that they aren’t uncomfortably waiting for you. New tractors can run themselves and get your fields ready for planting and harvesting, as well as collecting and spreading manure.

Improved Health Opportunities

Some farmers are choosing to place sensors on their livestock in order to get a better understanding of their overall health. This includes things like E-tags that transmit critical data back to you, such as the animal’s temperature or heart rate. Knowing more about the health of your livestock gives you a better idea about the health of your farm. You can make changes in order to improve the quality of your stock and the quality of their lives.

All of this new technology is designed to improve the lives of your animals and to take the guesswork out of farming. We must encourage farms to take advantage of these modern innovations while also improving the quality of farm animal life.

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