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4 Essential To Make A Career In Indian Classical Music

August 3, 2016

Indian classical music is an integral part of Indian heritage. Its origin dates back to the Vedic times and is probably one of the oldest music forms in the world.

Most youngsters Nowadays are highly influenced by the western music forms such as jazz, rock, and metal and like to practice and pursue it as a career.  There is no denial in the beauty of western music but Indian classical music is wonderfully unique. It is more of a meditation and spiritual experience.

Having a career in Indian classical music can be a fulfilling experience for an individual. There are several music colleges in India that provide rigorous and detailed training in this field and can help you become a polished and trained singer or music composer. In this article, we will tell you some tips that you must follow to become a trained classical singer or music composer. Let’s have a look at them

Practice a lot to Excel

Indian classical music is a living thing. The sound and vibrations produced by this form of music affects one’s consciousness and leaves the listener in a state of trance. In order to deliver such level of performance, one needs to practice extensively. You need to have a lot of patience to learn this performing art. We suggest you go for some top music colleges in India, where you can learn and practice under the guidance of experienced teachers who have been practicing Indian classical music for many years.

Maintain the Integrity and Purity of your Performance

For a classical singer, it is important to maintain the purity of the ragas. Your notes should be polished and detailed but at the same time, young musicians should not fear from experimenting. Indian classical music is not a static genre, it’s ever changing and engaging.  Its responsibility to the young artists to evolve and innovate it in order to keep the young audience engaged.

Connect, Experiment and Innovate with New Musician

Develop and create innovative projects with your fellow musicians. Experimentation in music is important. If you wish to get into the business side of the music then there are some renowned music production courses in Delhi that can help you understand the dynamics of the music industry and prepare you to handle the challenges of the music industry.

Internet—Amazing Way to Connect with your Audience

Nowadays young musicians need not wait for their so- called “big break” to connect with the audience, all you have to do is upload your video to YouTube or audio on Sound Cloud. The Internet has become the voice of young musicians. If you think that you are good and engage an audience then you should take this plunge.

If you wish to make a career in Indian classical music then we suggest you go to some renowned institute like AAFT- School of Fine Arts that can provide you detailed and authentic music training.

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