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4 Helpful Tips For Beginner Farmers Buying Their First Equipment

June 2, 2021

Getting the right equipment is the greatest challenge faced by beginner farmers in their debut into agriculture. You only attain maximum yields in agriculture by using the right tools and equipment. Whether you’re planning to delve into poultry farming, crop husbandry, small-scale agriculture, or large-scale agriculture, you need a person to hold your hands, particularly when deciding the type of equipment to invest in. Here are four helpful tips for beginner farmers buying their first equipment.

Obtain the Equipment That Meet Your Needs

Just like other entrepreneurial pursuits, farming is a business that seeks to meet a need. The equipment you buy as a beginner farmer will determine whether your objectives will be attained. Always ensure that the first equipment you purchase meets your convictions and preferences and the configurations of your farm buildings.

Ask yourself questions like:

-Do I want to herd animals or engage in crop husbandry?

-What is the size of my farm?

-What plants/animals will I be working with?

You may commence the journey of fetching the equipment that you genuinely desire after identifying your needs.

Have a Clear Definition of the Farming Equipment You Want

Have the type/brand/make of the farming equipment you want in mind. However, this will depend on the type of farming activity you want to delve in. For instance, a compact tractor will be useless for a beginner farmer deciding to buy their first equipment if it isn’t equipped with the right implements.

These questions will come in handy when defining the goals that will determine the kind of equipment to buy as a beginner farmer:

-What are the most common jobs I will be handling?

-What maximum weight should the equipment be?

-Should the equipment be strictly a working vehicle?

-Will I be using it for daily transportation?

Be Sure to Try the Equipment

Always remember that the farming equipment you buy as a beginner farmer will be a crucial financial investment. You wouldn’t want to buy something you cannot operate. Be keen on the equipment’s ergonomics. Ensure that key parts like the throttle, the seat, the steering wheel, and the transmission chambers are working effectively and are comfortable.

Seeking ideas from established farmers must be an issue of consideration any time you want to buy your first equipment as a beginner farmer. Reach out to the local ranches and farms with inquiries concerning the best equipment. Also be keen to make entrepreneurial comparisons just to ensure that you get the equipment that will fit your farming requirements.

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