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4 Ideas For Your Toddlers’ Beds to Make Sleeping A Dream

May 2, 2021

There are so many factors that go into getting a good night’s rest. As an adult, it can be tricky to figure all you need in order to get a comfortable eight hours of rest. To take it a step further, it can be hard to figure out what your child needs in order to get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Thankfully, you can use your toddler’s bed as the foundation for making sure they sleep well. Consider the following ideas in order to get started.

Change the Mattress or Add a Mattress Pad

While the firm mattress you used for the crib might be in immaculate condition, it’s time to move on. When your child grows from a baby to a toddler, their need for comfort will only increase. If you don’t have the budget to transition to a toddler mattress just yet, purchase a mattress pad to hold you over until you’re able to fully upgrade.

Invest in a Better Bed

While many people invest in cribs that can transition into toddler beds, they’ll break down after a while. Look for beds that look classic, stylish, and sturdy. When you make the right investment, this can directly impact your toddler’s ability to sleep deeply on a nightly basis.

Upgrade the Linens

The higher the thread count, the more comfortable your linens usually are. Don’t invest in a higher thread count for yourself only. Extend that experience to your entire family. This includes your toddler. Be sure to provide options such as a flat sheet and a comforter. For nights when it’s hot, a fitted sheet will suffice. For the times when your toddler wants to snuggle more, they can easily reach for the comforter.

Add Safety Guards

Sleeping in a bed with a toddler is a lot like sleeping with a restless octopus. Their arms and legs go everywhere at any given time. Many toddlers also roll in their sleep. In order to prevent them from rolling off of the bed, install safety guards that keep them from a catastrophic fall.

As you work toward making sure your toddler consistently enjoys a good night’s rest, don’t forget to consider their feelings. Ask them if their bed is comfortable in relation to your bed. Ask them about how they slept when they wake up the next morning. These questions can help you curate a better nighttime experience for them. Plus, when they get better rest, this increases your chances of getting better rest as well.

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