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Need More Juice? Why Upgrading Your Electrical System Is Smart

May 2, 2021

An antiquated electrical system can be a major liability. Home and property owners who choose to upgrade their wiring and to install new fixtures and electrical equipment will be able to create a system able to handle both their current and future needs. From adding new outlets as part of an expansion or home-improvement project to solar-electric installations that can help to lower the cost of your monthly utility bills, there are plenty of reasons why upgrading your electrical system is a smart move.

Getting Up to Code

Building code violations can lead to no end of problems. From costly fines to having to deal with additional obstacles when attempting to sell your property, failure to identify and address a code violation can quickly become a major issue. For older homes and properties that may possess antiquated wiring or outdated equipment, upgrading the entire electrical system can often be the easiest way to ensure compliance.

Remodeling and Renovation

An added power outlet or an additional light fixture are often essential components of a home remodel or renovation. Ensuring that the existing wiring, circuit breakers, and other electrical components are able to handle the increased load is not an issue that should go overlooked. Upgrading the electrical system is often essential for ensuring a successful home-improvement project. When upgrading your electrical system, make sure to look at all the existing features and decide which ones will need to be replaced.

Solar-Electric Installations

Installing solar panels that are able to generate some, or even all, of your household electrical power on-site can have many benefits. Reducing your carbon footprint or shrinking your monthly utility bill could prove to be much easier than you might have imagined. Upgrading the rest of your home electrical system to ensure that solar installations are able to be installed and to function as effectively as possible would be a smart move.

Safety and Fire Prevention

Faulty, antiquated, or malfunctioning electrical equipment can pose a serious safety risk. Upgrading your system can go a long way towards reducing the risk of a short, electrical fire or other issues that may place your household at risk. Make sure that any replacements you do are under the supervision of a qualified professional to make sure that everything remains up to code.

Investing in a more modern and efficient electrical system can allow you to create a safer, more comfortable, and more financially-efficient home. From protecting your property’s market value to minimizing the risk of a fire, modernizing your electrical system can be a wise course of action. Assessing the state of your system and exploring the upgrade options available before starting your next renovation or upgrade is always a good idea.

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