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4 Parking Tips For Frequent Flyers

December 8, 2021

Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, you may find yourself booking flights often. You may also prefer to drive yourself to the airport because it gives you more control over your trip. If you are planning to drive yourself to the airport, be sure to check out these four parking tips for frequent flyers. 

Use an Airport Car Park

It is best to use the airport car park instead of a nearby parking garage. Airport car parks include a range of security features to give you peace of mind. This includes security cameras, security guards, well-lit areas, and locked gates. There are many airport car parks that offer valet parking, so you do not have to walk through the parking garage alone. 

Reserve a Parking Spot

You may be able to reserve a parking spot in an airport car park, which can save you a lot of time at the end of the day. There are plenty of parking platforms that give you the opportunity to reserve a spot in advance. The airport car park may still offer valet even if you use a platform to reserve a parking spot. In addition, you can look into professional transportation companies that offer pick-up and drop-off services at your car. 

Look Into Monthly Parking

If you find yourself using the airport parking often, it may be time to look into monthly parking. You pay a bigger parking fee once a month, but you can park your car in the car park for the entire month. When your period ends, you have the option of paying for another month of parking. You may even be able to enroll in automatic payments to ensure you do not forget to pay for your monthly parking pass. 

Use Shuttle Services

Once you arrive at your destination, you want to look into the airport shuttle services instead of a taxi or bus. You can check the schedule or book pick-up and drop-off shuttle services for the terminal, airport, and hotel before and after your flights. Airport shuttle services offer a safe, comfortable mode of transportation while your car is in its reserved parking spot. 

If you are a current or soon-to-be frequent flyer who plans to drive to the airport, keep the above tips in mind to get the most of your airport parking. It is a great way to reduce the stress that comes with parking, and you can ensure your entire trip goes smoothly.

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