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Is Your Garage Door Stuck? 5 Of The Most Common Reason Why

December 9, 2021

A garage door that won’t open can be an unexpected household irritation. It could keep you from parking your vehicles safely out of the elements, or it could block you from retrieving items you’re storing there. If your garage door has recently stopped working, then you might want to spend a little bit of time researching some of the most common causes of that annoying problem.

Freezing Temperatures

Those who live in a colder climate might notice that their garage doors occasionally become stuck when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing. When moisture gets on the track and it freezes, then the garage door most likely won’t be able to move. Heating your garage or waiting for the ice to unfreeze on its own are the two best options for fixing that issue.

Broken Spring

Even though garage door springs are designed to be incredibly durable, they can still snap in half. A broken garage door spring is fairly easy to identify, but you shouldn’t replace that part on your own. Those springs are under an incredible amount of tension, and they cause injuries if you try to replace them without the proper experience.

The Door Is Locked

Many homeowners don’t realize that their garage doors have manual locks that can be turned on with a button or lever. In most cases, the lock is located near the bottom of the garage door on the interior side. Your remote or sensor might have locks as well, and checking all of those should only take you a few moments.

Damaged Track

Over time, a garage door track can become twisted, bent, or even cracked. If that occurs, then you will need to have the track repaired or replaced entirely by a professional. Once your new track has been installed, you should ask the contractor what you can do to properly maintain that part of the garage door system. In most cases, homeowners will need to clean and lube the tracks a few times a year.

Issues With the Remote

Even if your garage door is relatively new and seems to be working fine, the remote or the wall button can still become damaged at any time. Luckily, residential garage door openers are relatively inexpensive, and setting them up should only take you a few minutes. You might even want to purchase a few additional openers so that you have spares around your house.

While a few of these issues should be easy to fix on your own, major repairs must always be left to certified contractors. Working on certain parts of a garage door can be extremely dangerous, and a single mistake could end up causing severe injuries or major damage to your home.

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