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4 Things to Plan for Your Perfect Business Event

September 25, 2021

An event is a great way to get your message out there and be seen by the media. It can also help build your brand, as long as you do it right. Here are four things that will help you plan for a successful event:

Have a Clear Agenda

You can have a perfect speech, but if you don’t go into it with your own clear agenda and goals in mind, then what’s the point? You need to make sure that everyone knows why they are there. Is this an event for an announcement of some kind (new president, new CEO)? Or is this just a way to get your name out there? Make sure everyone knows what’s going on and why they are attending.

Portable stage

While a lot goes into an event, you also want to ensure that it’s stress-free for your team. Journalists are usually short on time, and bringing in equipment such as ladders or step stools takes time away from their reporting. This means that if there is no elevated place for them to stand, they won’t cover the event. So, if you have an event that will have members of the media in attendance, make sure there is a portable stage available for them to stand on so they can easily see and hear all announcements being made.

Send out Press Releases

Press releases are a crucial tool for any company that wants to get its name and brand into the media. If you do not have access to someone who can write them or manage the distribution process, find a local PR firm. They will help you with this important step in getting coverage before, during, and after the event.

Create a Memorable Experience

Make sure you have something for media members, attendees, and the general public to take home with them. This can be anything from a press kit or folder to giveaways, including branded pens, key chains, and other items. You may also want to add swag like t-shirts (even small) and hats.

Remember, this is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on everyone involved in the event. Not only will it help you achieve your goal for the event, but it can also pay off later if members of the media are interested in writing about what happened or interviewing one of their peers who attended.

The event should be considered a marketing strategy, not just another media outreach tactic. Have a clear agenda, and make sure you send out press releases before and after to maximize coverage.

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