4 Tips For Entertaining Outdoors This Summer

May 21, 2021

If there is one thing the summer months were made for, it is entertaining friends and family outdoors. While in years past most people packed a picnic lunch and headed for the nearest park, more and more people today are choosing to do their warm weather entertaining at home. If this sounds like you, there’s no doubt you are always seeking new ideas to make time with family and friends even more special. To help with this, here are four of the best tips for entertaining outdoors this summer.

Play It Cool

During the summer, it can be extremely hot both during the middle of the day and into the evening as well. To play it cool with your guests, make good use of a patio umbrella at your table. Along with keeping the temps down, it will also bring a bit of style to your table as folks are sitting around sipping drinks and having fun.

Fix the Right Food

To begin with, only fix foods you know your guests will like. But just as important, make sure you fix foods at your outdoor kitchen that will be able to withstand those hot summer temperatures. For example, if you are serving a buffet-style dinner, go for foods that are served well at room temperature, such as casseroles and grilled kebabs. Speaking of grilling, if hamburgers and hot dogs are on the menu, make sure they are adequately cooked by checking their temperatures before serving.

Light up the Night

If your entertaining will stretch into the evening darkness, help your backyard patio light up the night by utilizing LED-powered string lights here and there. Offering a touch of elegance, they also offer the soft ambience everyone loves as the evening starts to wind down.

Insects Not Invited

When you and your guests are sitting around eating or talking, the last thing you want to be doing is swatting at mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other pesky pests. To avoid this scenario, use a variety of effective yet stylish insect repellent methods. For starters, citronella candles can be placed on tables and other spots to keep insects at bay. Also, you can install zapper lanterns around your yard, and also consider placing a few Tiki torches around that contain citronella candles.

If you incorporate these tips into your summer entertaining plans, there’s a good chance your guests will not only enjoy your upcoming party, but also be counting down the days until your next one.

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