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5 Best Practices For Working From Home

July 31, 2015

The ease that technology has provided to all of us, majority professionals are giving virtual assistant work an indeed priority. These virtual assistants have set up their offices at their home, in the nearest cafe or even in parks. Owning to the blessings of technology, these professionals enjoys flexibility of working from home at suited timings.

However, where there are benefits, there are its drawbacks too. Which can hinder your success if you didn’t mind your working practices. Here are six ways you can improve your performance by adopting a few simple practices.

  1. Arrange a proper time schedule for yourself: Doing a proper business or job makes you particular about the working hours. But one you work as a virtual assistant, this may not be the case. Therefore, it is better that you analyze every project you got into and depending on the work load, dedicate particular work hours for these tasks. Ignore the disruptions and stick to the time slot you opt for. For instance, you have discussed 2 hours of work with the client, then enter your particular workspace, turn off your mobile and all other distractions, take a sip or two of coffee and complete your 4 hours of work with full dedication. And once you are done with it, enjoy the rest of the day with other activities.  .
  2. Map your work: If you plan your workday efficiently, it will affect your performance positively.  Well being a virtual assistant myself, I plan this when I feel most productive at work.  If you start your day with the most difficult task at day, it can distract you soon. So give 10 minutes to you start to plan your schedule for the day.   And then get to the most important tasks of the day, according to the plan.
  3. Dress well: Most of the virtual assistants do not care to dress professionally unless they have a video meeting with the client for which you chose nice shirt and a tie. However, if you dress nicely, it affects your psychological interface. Dressing well makes you feel good about yourself so nothing bad in adopting it.
  4. Reliability and consistency is a very important trait for a virtual assistant to adopt. Therefore, try to get a unique space for your virtual assistance tasks. Get a small lace which you can call your office like a separate corner in your home’s library or even a dining table. Surround yourself with things that makes you happy like an iPod and flowers in my case.
  5. Never forget to take a break: If you continue to work nonstop without a break, it can affect your performance badly. There is no harm in taking a tea break after a while or a small walk to the corridor. This few minute break will refresh you for more work.
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