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5 Elements Should Your Business Logo Include

December 8, 2021

Your business logo, also known as your emblem, symbol, or trademark, is the most important visual part of a business identity. Your logo communicates your company’s brand and mission to consumers and employees alike through color, shape, and imagery. Make sure you include these five elements in your business logo to ensure it successfully conveys your brand message to everyone who sees it:


A logo is your business’s calling card, so it should convey professionalism and confidence. According to the branding experts, a good rule of thumb is this: If you can’t hang it on your wall as art, don’t use it as your logo. Professional logos often feature a minimal number of colors and a distinctive font without including anything like clip art or cartoon characters. One thing to keep in mind is that professionalism is different for different types of industries and target audiences. For example, an accounting firm’s version of a professional logo is different than a tattoo parlors version of a professional logo.


Your logo is your company’s face. It’s what people will associate with your business, whether that’s by looking at it or seeing it appear in all your print and digital material. Your choice in typography should reflect who you are as a company. For example, if you’re trying to communicate a professional and serious tone through your logo, consider a font with block letters. For a traditional feel, consider adding text that includes serifs or a sans serifs font for a more modern approach. Additionally, font shape makes a difference when it comes 


A good logo should be simple and easy on the eyes. Remember that a large majority of people who see your logo will not be experts in your industry, so a complex design may confuse them. If you have a lot of elements in your business name, consider putting just one or two at most into your logo to keep things on the minimalist side.


Is your logo timeless? Meaning that, even as trends and styles change, will your logo still be recognizable and on-brand? This is one element of a good logo.

Don’t fall into the trap of creating something trendy because it might look cool now but it won’t hold up as time passes. What you want is a timeless logo.


Versatility is another element your logo should include. Your logo should be able to work in a variety of contexts and media. From print to web to mobile apps, your logo should work in every form of media. Without a versatile design, you’ll have to start from scratch later or settle for a less-than-ideal design because of your logo’s limitations.

In designing your logo, make sure it says everything you want others to know about your business. Remember these five elements to include in your business logo design. If you want assistance with your company branding, consider reaching out to BrandNerd.

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