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5 Helpful Dorm Room Shopping Tips

May 9, 2016

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin shopping for your dorm room. This is an opportunity to express yourself and grow as an individual. The entire experience at Maryville University is about becoming a mature adult, which begins by living on your own without mom and dad around. Your first taste of adulthood will be living in a dorm with a roommate. Keep in mind that your first week of school will be hectic as is, so don’t throw dorm decor on top of it. Start planning now by using the following tips.

Make a List of Items

This should include both things you want and things you absolutely need. It’s a good idea to also obtain a list from your college. They will let you know what you really need, then you can fill in the rest. Normally, their list will consist of sheets, blanket, comforter and pillows. Of course, this is just noting the necessary things you’ll need for a good night’s sleep. You can go ahead and include other items like a coffee pot, wall art and even a foam twin mattress.

Start Looking at Home

Now that you’re going off to college, you need to find ways to save anywhere you can. One way to make your dorm room shopping cheaper is to start at home. Do you have bedding, decor and gadgets you can bring along with you to college? This will help cut down the costs for the items on your list. You may have a ton of hangers, sheets, pillow cases, fan, lamps and laundry baskets you can bring along with you.

Double Check the Banned Items List

There are certain items that won’t be allowed in your dorm, so make sure to double check what’s on the banned list. You don’t want to bring along a rice cooker, microwave or coffee machine if these items are going to be taken away. That’s wasted money that could have gone towards something that wasn’t banned.

Split the Costs with Your Roomie

If you already met your roommate, ask if they would like to split the costs for items that will be shared. This is a good idea for bigger purchases, like a mini-fridge or air purifier. You can also agree to bring certain items, while your roomie brings others.

Keep Transportation in Mind

How are you planning to bring all of the purchased items to college? Are you flying an airplane, driving or taking a train? Be mindful of the space you’ll have during your travels. Obviously, you’ll be able to tote more items if you are driving yourself using a pickup truck, SUV or van. If you don’t live too far from the college, you can make multiple trips as well. However, if you’re flying an airplane to college, then you can buy the items once you arrive. You can shop online to see what is available at stores near the school. You can also have items shipped to the store for free at places like Walmart.

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