5 Key Features That Your Family Tree Chart Maker Should Have

May 30, 2016

Family trees are one of the most important things in the world. Almost all of us have wondered at least one point where we have come from. Your ancestry, your roots are very important to you and to help you make the family tree much easier to understand is the reason why multiple family tree creation sites are becoming popular.

Online family tree chart maker comes with an infinite number of possibilities. Those interested in genealogy, find these blessing in disguise because it makes the work a lot quicker and organized than it would have been otherwise.

If you are planning on installing family tree software or initiating a family chart online, here are some things that your chart maker should have:

1. Add names:

You will need to have this feature of adding names to your growing family tree. Every time you add a name, the chart maker will generate their ancestry, place of residence/death and everything that has been traced in their genealogy. If you are looking to get a free tree chart maker, you can add up to 500 names to it. Adding names will get easier if you have an updated chart maker where you can just import your information from the computer onto the software.

2. Add photos:

There is a necessity for photos when you are uploading information to the chart maker. If you are looking for distant relatives, you might forget someone’s name but never the face. It will make it easier for others also to contact you when they see images that correspond to anyone in their family. Using free chart makers puts a limit on the number of photos you can upload to just fifty.

3. Interactive Charts

There are so many charts that can get quite confusing if it keeps raveling on. With interactive charts, your family tree instantly gets more interesting and easy to use. You can close family name tabs and open ones that you need to complete. It will clean up your family tree and help organize it!

4. Publish stories

So many stories that are part of your history will be a part of another family too. A great way to connect is to publish historical stories about your family that might lead to another member connecting to yours.

5. Mobile friendly

This is another great way to take your family tree forward. If your chart maker is mobile optimized, you can instantly share images, names and more that will be shared with your family easily. Mobile friendly apps will make it much simpler to use as well.

Looking to find all your distant relatives and your cousins might be fun but it can become quite a task in the long run. With a helpful chart maker, you van get the work done in half the time and find more relatives than ever!

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