5 Popular Types Of Display Fridges

August 10, 2016

Refrigerators have become an extremely important part of bakeries and kitchens. Not only can you make sure that your perishable items stay longer, but it also makes it incredibly easy to store items for later use. With refrigerators being available in every electronic store in different sizes, types, and variants, finding the right one will take a little longer than usual.

Display fridges are used for commercial purposes as compared to household needs. As the name rightly suggests, they are used to display particular items inside it without having to open the door and view the same. They are used for different items and come customized to serve each of them.

Few basic types of display fridges that are used the most are:

1. Merchandise Cabinet

Most commonly used in supermarkets, the display cabinets are tall and come with many compartments to stock up perishable items such as butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt and more. These come in large sizes to be able to stock more items as and when required and are normally white or black in colour. It can also be single or double door depending on your need.

2. Countertop Display

These kinds of display fridges are more commonly used for goods such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more! It is much shorter than the merchandise cabinet mentioned above, but it is definitely wider, allowing you to add items in a more organized manner. They optimally have around three shelves to store baked goods.

3. Four Sided Glass

This is more flexible than others in terms of what can be stored in it. While many tend to use it in bakeries, you will find that it makes a pretty good bar cabinet as well. With all the four sides made of glass, you will have no problem choosing what you need from anywhere. It also comes with a lock system, so you do not have to worry about theft.

4. Cold Cut Displays

Another common type of display fridge you might have seen on your trips to the supermarket is the cold cut fridge! Shorter than the merchandise cabinet, it comes with specified compartments for the different kinds of meats you might end up storing in it. It is widely used in supermarkets and restaurants with deep compartments to ensure that the different meats do not touch each other. It comes with a refrigerated cold plate for the meat as well. You can find the single row and double row options for the same.

5. Rotating Displays

If you are looking for something fancy for your store or restaurant, the rotating display is the one for you. Optimally used for cakes, you can display your most prized goods in a rotating fashion and capture your customer’s attention!

Display fridges are very important for commercial purposes since they make things easier to find and buy in a jiffy. It also adds a very sleek look to your store or restaurant which is why it is preferred over the normal refrigerators.

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