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5 Reasons Businesses Might Rent A Temporary Boiler

October 29, 2021

As the weather begins to get colder, many businesses will start looking into emergency boilers. Although it might be tempting to purchase a permanent heating system, there are several reasons why temporary boilers may be more cost-effective.

Why Rent One?

Leaky or old boiler systems can be repaired or replaced without significant disruptions.

If you own an old boiler that’s constantly needing to be repaired, it might be time to consider a temporary boiler. When you rent a temporary boiler instead of purchasing one, any significant repairs can be taken care of at your convenience. If you choose to buy a permanent system and your existing boiler breaks down, the entire business will need to shut down while waiting for parts to arrive or until the new boiler is installed. When you choose temporary boilers, your business can continue operating without interruption, and any repairs can be taken care of before the system needs to go back into service.

Moving Equipment Is Easier With a Temporary System

If you’ve recently moved or are planning on moving soon, renting a temporary boiler system might make more sense. With most rental companies, you can move the equipment to your new location and start using it again once everything is set up. If you subscribe to a permanent heating system, not only will you have to pay for installation at both locations, but you’ll also have to pay twice as much in monthly maintenance fees.

Upgrades to Your Current System Are Possible

If you currently own a boiler and would like to make some upgrades, a temporary boiler is often a good option for this as well. Most companies will store their equipment on their lot until it’s needed again, so if you upgrade one or more pieces of the system, it can easily be moved to a new location when the time comes. With a permanent system, you’ll be paying for maintenance and repairs at both locations, which can become quite expensive over time.

Temporary Boilers Are Often More Energy-Efficient

If your current heating system is ancient or less energy efficient than newer models, renting a temporary boiler might be a good option. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), newer boiler systems are up to 50 percent more efficient than older models.

The Current System Is In Poor Condition

Suppose you currently own an old or faulty boiler. In that case, another reason why renting temporary boilers might be beneficial is because it’s often easier to get a discount for damaged or failing equipment. Many rental companies will offer a 10-20 percent discount on your monthly rental fee if you have old or faulty equipment. If you purchase a new boiler, the initial cost of purchasing can be more expensive than renting until your current system breaks down completely.

In conclusion, when doing business, it’s essential to consider all of your options before making a decision. A boiler rental can be beneficial in many ways, and when you own your permanent system, it will need regular maintenance or repairs, which can become costly over time. If your current heating system is old, damaged, or failing, you might want to consider renting temporary boilers for the season rather than purchasing new equipment.

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