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5 Things To Look For When Buying Tractor Hitch Pins

June 15, 2016

There is science behind the entire locking mechanism of a tractor Pin. The process involves connecting the tractor to the unit behind so that it can be pulled properly. However, the process is not that simple. If the Trailer Hitch Pin is not of the appropriate design or does not match up to quality, then mishaps could occur. Unfortunately, the occurrence of a trailer or other farm components detaching themselves from the tractor and causing accidents is not less.

Attributes to look for when purchasing a Hitch Pin

If you want to avoid any unnecessary incidences, then you must know how to purchase the appropriate Tractor Hitch Pins.

  • Load type: It is important to know that different load types would need different kinds of tractor Pins. For example, a Trailer Hitch Pin would be different from a plougher or tiller Pin. The reason is that every component weighs different and is designed differently, therefore when you need these components or units to stay attached to the tractor, then you need to get pins which have been made for that particular purpose.
  • Pin designs: Pins of different designs are available. A trailer pin is available in different designs, depending upon the use. It should have high designing accuracy in the sense that it should fit between the tractor and the trailer’s swing arms perfectly. If the pin is too big, then it is obviously not going to fit, but if it is smaller or thinner, then the chances are that it could come off during the pull.
  • Strength: A Hitch tractor Pin should be able to withstand the weight and force of the load it is pulling. If you use a weaker or lower quality Pin, the chances are that it may bend, break or come off while the pulling is in the process and this should not happen at any cost since the unit that is being pulled can detach from the tractor and lead to accidents. A stronger Pin will be able to resist the force which acts on it on turns or when the trailer hits a bump of some kind. The unit being pulled should stay attached to the tractor at all times.
  • Abrasion resistant pins: There is no point of buying a pin which will start to wear off after a couple of uses. Tractors are often used in all weather conditions. Therefore, a good tractor Pin is one which is not only strong but also resistant to abrasions and rust. For this purpose, you could use Stainless Steel Hitch Pins. Other materials which are used to make good pins are brass, SS and in materials like En-19 and 20Mncr5
  • Affordability: It is important that the right pin is brought at the right price. You do not have to pay unnecessarily more for a pin which can cost you considerably less. Therefore, Hitch Pins should always be brought from a trusted dealer.

Tractor Hitch Pins are extremely vital, and their use should never be compromised as it may lead to a mishap especially when the tractor is plying on a public road. So make sure that all safety guidelines are being followed when transporting farm equipment via public roads.

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