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5 Tips For Managing Deliveries To A Large Complex

January 17, 2020

As a delivery service, where you work is just as important as what you’re delivering. When you service a small area, it’s easy to keep track of your deliveries. In fact, you might even know the patrons by first name.

However, when you’re in charge of a large complex, making sure that all deliveries are safe and secure can be challenging. Regardless of how well you do your job, there’s still a chance that packages are misplaced.

Improve Communication

Probably the easiest way to manage delivering to a large complex is with communication. Improved levels of communications needs to focus on both delivery person and the point of contact. In cases where there are multiple areas for deliver within the complex, there needs to be multiple people who serve as point of contacts for all deliveries.

Implement a Delivery Strategy

When delivering to large complex, accurate record keeping is a must. In addition to having designated points of contacts, there also needs to be a paper trail. After every delivery, have the point of contact sign off, verifying the deliveries have been received.

Install a Parcel Locker

In addition to having a point of contact and sound delivery strategy, installing a parcel locker is also a good idea. Parcel lockers keep deliveries safe from would-be thieves and inclement weather. Parcel lockers also decrease the chance of packages getting lost as well. With only the recipients having access, you have that piece of mind that your deliveries are safe. Talk with complex and property managers about storage solutions for parcels that may be picked up after hours.

Hire Project Managers

Even delivery companies need to have internal project manager to provide proper structure. As such, deliveries can be organized prior to ever going out on the truck. In addition, proper inventory checking also ensures that any deliveries that go out and either signed off on as delivered or returned to facility.

Inquire About Camera Install

Finally, inquire about the use of security cameras. No one wants to think the worse but in cases where the complex is large, it’s important to have evidence that the deliveries were made. Because most large complexes do use surveillance cameras, you’ll be better equipped to answer any questions if deliveries do not arrive in time.

Verifying proper delivery of packages requires advanced planning, especially when delivering to a large complex. Educating both the delivery crew and the recipients goes a long way when ensuring both parties are satisfied.

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