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6 Hardware Updates Your Company Probably Needs

June 20, 2016

Business owners often start out with the best tech they can find, but eventually try to save money by repairing that same hardware until it’s about to fall apart. You might even try replacing it with simpler refurbished pieces to save the business a bit of cash. Saving money is great for any company, but your hardware is a bit of an investment. Many owners don’t realize that regularly updating their hardware with new versions can save them money and protect their businesses from thieves. Check out these six important hardware update tips.


New technologies allow criminals to become more sophisticated and capable of breaching even the most protected systems. To protect physical structures and the property within them, it’s important to invest in employee entry and exit badge or hand scanners, security cameras, and outdoor nighttime motion sensors. Don’t neglect your most physical entrances and make sure you have a good system in place at first.


Beyond the obvious security benefits of updating your computers regularly, updates also increases production processes. More importantly, new computer hardware can integrate better with various systems in many ways. For example, new computers might allow you to access a SMART grid that connects wired and wirelessly with office equipment. Your IT services team can help you find the right computer hardware to meet your current and potential future business needs.

Also make sure your computer systems are backed up with anti-virus and malware protection. Ottawa managed services have a range of products and services you can make use of, and work to protect your entire systems across the board.


The equipment you use the most in your offices might be slowing down production because it’s too old to keep up with other newer technologies. Keep in mind that a business runs more efficiently when all of the hardware across the business is fast, compatible, and connected. Older, disconnected systems also require more employee training sessions that can delay production.


Although you might need to update the phones in your business, think about other communication hardware updates that can help you better communicate with employees and customers. For example, digital screens in a sales team area can improve your business by showing you and the team important information in real-time, such as selling tips, or individual and team hour-by-hour sales statistics.


If you use a credit card processing terminal instead of a software point-of-sale system, then it’s time to update the terminal’s software or replace it entirely. You might choose to switch to a phone-based POS software and a small magnetic stripe reader that frees up counter space and offers more portability.


Lastly, many older technologies waste energy or add to air pollution, such as older computers, fax machines, and laser printers. Consider swapping as many older pieces of tech as possible with energy-saving, clean air solutions. They’ll save the environment as well as time and money.

These hardware changes don’t only improve efficiency and production time. They also reduce utility bills and equipment repairs.

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