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Interesting Careers In Music

June 17, 2016

Music plays a very important role in our life. It always has a positive effect on our mind and soul. When we are feeling low, it soothes our sadness and helps us express our joy when we are happy. We all love listening to music but have we ever though that we can make a great career in this it? Whether you are an appreciator of music or a music artist, there are a number of career options that you can opt for. There are many people who think that jobs in music are only available in the music industry. This is not true however! Though there are some jobs which are directly related to the music industry, there are a number of other creative jobs that one can explore if he/ she has an interest in music. Here are a top jobs you can think of taking if you wish to make a career in music:

Music composer/arranger: composers are people who create the original music. The work of an arranger is to take the existing music created by the composer and then decide which parts will be played by which instruments. Composers can also work as music arrangers.

Concert promoter: if you have an interest in working in this field, but do not have the inherent skills and talent required to become a music composer, job of a concert promoter would be great for you. For this role, all you need to have is a good sense of business. You have to take care of marketing and promotion of the concert, ticket sales, and everything that is required to make a hit concert.

Disc jockey: if you are good in playing fine tunes on an instrument, why not play it for an audience and earn good money out of it. Become a disc jockey and impress listeners with your music skills and knowledge.

Music critic/journalist: become a music journalist and you will get a chance to interview and write about your favourite singers and musicians.

Music librarian: music librarians are people who maintain a collection of music recordings, songs, albums in the library. As a librarian you can work in a top music library and recommend samples to the visitors, who are generally music directors and radio jockey’s.

Music teacher: if you have a good knowledge of music, then a career as a music teacher would be great for you. You can work as a teacher at any top music institute and train students on how to play different musical instruments. There are a number of jobs for music teachers in schools and colleges as well.

Sound engineer: if you have an interest in mixing and recording of music, you can work as a recording engineer. Do a course in music and it will help you learn about various editing techniques and equipment used by professionals.

So, job opportunities in music are many, all you need to do is analyse your area of interest and make a career in that field.

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