6 Simple Appetizers To Try At Your Next Corporate Event

May 9, 2016

There will likely be several people at your next corporate event, and even if there are only a few, you’ll want to have some simple appetizers prepared. The food you serve at your functions can help to make a boring meeting into a fun, social event. These appetizers use only a few ingredients and can easily be adjusted depending on what guests like.


This is an appetizer that can be made in various ways. A baking service like Klosterman Baking Company can provide fresh bread in bulk to help make the crostini. Italian cheese is good to use as it delicately melts on the bread. Slices of mushrooms can also be a good choice. If you don’t like mushrooms, then consider small pieces of bacon or herbs as a topping.

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Fill small dates with a bit of chorizo and wrap them in bacon. Then fry them until the bacon is browned. You can bake them, but will need to watch the bacon to make sure it gets done. This is an appetizer that has a sweet and smoky taste. Add a toothpick to the center to make it easier to pick up at the event.

Stuffed Roasted Figs

Roast figs until they are slightly open, then you can add almost any ingredient you want. Goat cheese blends well with the taste of the fig, or you can also add bacon or a Swiss cheese.


When looking for a healthy dip for vegetables and crackers, consider hummus. It can also be added to potato salad for a different taste, or as a topping for deviled eggs. Place a bowl of the hummus on a large tray with vegetable sticks on one side and crackers on another.

Nut Mix For The Wine Bar

Your corporate event might also have a wine bar or drink service. An appetizer that works well here is a simple nut mix. Combine various nuts, like pecans and walnuts, and cover them with a glaze. The glaze could be made of anything sweet, or a combination of sweet and salty. A glaze with cinnamon might be a great option if the event is held during fall or winter.

Spinach Dip

This is an item that works well with crackers or bread sticks. If you want spice to the dip, then add a little Tabasco or a few peppers. You can also add pine nuts to the top of the dip for a delicate crunch.

These are just several appetizer options you can make yourself for any corporate event. Keep the dishes simple so guests don’t feel like they are getting a full meal, and vary the ingredients to compliment the season as well as what guests enjoy most. Prepare enough beforehand so you don’t have to spend time making more after guests arrive.

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