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7 Most Addictive Online Flash Games Ever Made

By Demes
October 19, 2015

Online flash games are not only for children anymore, in fact, most adults play them to kill time at work while waiting to get home. Some passionate players consider online flash games their hobby and always strive to beat their last score. Playing such games is thrilling and refreshing to one’s mind, so it’s no wonder they are addicting. From simple and easy games like Happy Wheels to complex games like Bejeweled that can be good brain exercises, online flash games can satisfy all of the player’s individual desires. In addition, you can choose one from the following list of the 7 most addictive flash games ever made and see for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ve found yourself a new hobby.


There is not one single person that hasn’t played Snake that was a formerly feature on Nokia phones. Hardcore Snake fans were disappointed after Nokia chose to modify it and add 3D graphics, which completely destroyed the playing experience we were all familiar with. Thanks to Paul Neave, who brought the classic back to life in flash form, you can now take a trip to nostalgia and enjoy it once more.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds got popular because you can play it on a wide range of apps, it’s not just limited to android or apple phones. As a player, you use birds to shoot at stocked up pigs that try to steal their eggs. You could say, birds are taking revenge against the pigs and you are assisting them. There are many easy and difficult levels to concur so it won’t get boring.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is one of those games you can’t stop playing. It’s a deadly and funny journey that will get you hooked in no time. At the beginning you choose a form of transportation like a wheelchair or lawn mower. Your aim is to reach the exit without dying in the process. There are a lot of ways to die in Happy Wheels like losing your limbs, being crushed, shot or if your character loses too much blood. Apart from selecting your transportation, players also select the level on which they want to play. Happy Wheels has one more feature, you can review your gameplay which can give you a good laugh and that’s what makes it such a great game.


Bejeweled is a classic online flash game which you may also know by the name Diamond Mine. The aim of this game is to collect a set of three gems which are the same color. It can be also played on social media like Facebook.


Helicopter is another online flash game that proves how addicting simple games can be. Players only use the left-click to get the helicopter up and release it to go down. The aim is to navigate the helicopter without touching the edges which sounds easy at first but making high scores will take a little more practice.


If you enjoyed the original puzzle game from Orange Box, then you should definitely give the Portal flash version a try. It’s more sophisticated than the majority of online flash games but it’s mostly known for the great graphics.

Line Rider

Line Rider is an online flash game you should try at least once in your life. Highly addicting and creative, Line Rider makes you design various courses for the fearless tobogganist. It sound simple but after a while you’ll fully enjoy creating the most impossible courses.

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